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    Cbd oil

    I take it for pain after a discussion with my Dr. I haven't seen any changes in INR but you should probably monitor it for a month or so.
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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Hank & Michelle - many thanks to both of you for your caring and sacrifice. This site helped me through the panic I experienced as a very sudden inductee to the valve replacement world.
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    I took an 80 mg baby aspirin for a couple of years after my mechanical mitral valve replacement in 2005. Right up until I developed a bleeding ulcer. I can no longer take any NSAIDs.
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    Great article on Vitamin K Supplementation and Anticoagulation Control

    I'm still taking Vit K supplement and am still able to stay quite consistent with my INR. For those looking for Vit K I buy mine from Puritan's Pride. Before that I got it from GNC online (my local store didn't carry it).
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    How much Vitamin K do you consume?

    I take a 100 mcg supplement of Vit K plus the 35 mcg in multivitamin. I don't track my dietary intake but it's probably in the range of 75 to 80 mcg. My warfarin dosage is approx. 8 mg per day.
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    what companies supply test strips?

    Philips changed their billing codes and UHC started paying only part of the charge. Ultimately I told them they could take their machine and... well, you can just imagine the rest. I bought a used InRatio from ebay and buy my own strips. 48 strips per box under $200.
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    False Increases in INRs - QC doesn't catch - WARNING

    Having learned from the school of hard knocks when an herbal was recommended to me I ALWAYS check new medications, whether prescribed or OTC for warfarin interactions. That way I am at least informed a prepared for changes.
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    What affects INR

    One other thing that I notice and Hemosense (now Alere) reported anecdotal evidence is that when the weather gets hot, my INR goes up.
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    Great article on Vitamin K Supplementation and Anticoagulation Control

    I take a multivitamin with 25 mcg vit k and a supplement of 100 mcg vit. k. To be honest, this is the best way for me to keep my INR stable.
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    Question? Opinons?

    I would agree with your clinic - not a big deal. The ideal thing would be to try to have less variation in your day to day dosage. One thing that some people experience is that when they are on a fairly large dose the different dosages can result in more spikes (small though they may be) While...
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    Weight gain on warfarin

    I totally agree with this. There are so many factors regarding those extra pounds, but I absolutely do not believe that warfarin has anything to do with it.
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    Thinking about At Home Testing

    Just a word about UHC and Philips. Philips defiinitely changed the coding and I got screwed. When the insurance would no long pay the full amount Philips dropped me without a word. I recently bought my own machine from ebay - strips too.
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    Should I be more concerned? Help!!

    I hope that your hospital visit will give you some answers and some piece of mind as well. The reaction of your GP irritates the daylights out of me. How many women have suffered irreparable damage because some idiot doctor thought - Woman - must be a panic attack? Jeesh.
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    Can't stop bleeding will have to hold warfarin for awhile

    I've had a couple of surgeries since my valve was put in (mitral) and in each case my surgeon was comfortable with my INR at around 2.0. I was fairly comfortable with that idea as well, though I was anxious to get it back up as soon as possible. So, I guess what I'm saying is that when you're...
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    Will someone please help? What range do you have to be in INR for surgery????

    FWIW I've had 2 procedures since my valve replacement - in both cases the doc was fine with me at 2.0.