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    Not a hug milestone compared to others, but today is 3 years

    Congratulations! Every is a milestone!!
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    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    I’ve never heard a click. Mine has always been a thump. Sometimes it’s louder than others. After 16 years I don’t notice it as much.
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    15 Years!

    Happy Valvasary! 🤗
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    I feel very comfortable with 12oz curls. :cool:
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    Traveling to a different time zone, when to take warfarin

    I take mine in the morning regardless of where I am. We travel abroad fairly often. It’s never been an issue. My INR remains stable. No worries!☮️
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    Staying the Course - - Winter Edition

    Greetings! Sorry that I’ve been MIA for so long. As is well and I jus celebrated 16 years! Thanks to Jim for letting me know I was missed!
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    Staying the Course - - Winter Edition

    I’m doing great! Just celebrated 16 years.
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    BDMc has passed

    Very sad. Brian was a great help to many and a great guy
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    Staying the Course -- 04/24/2019

    Bob, I wish you the best. I’ll keep you and your DW in pm prayers. ☮️
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    Newbie Freaking Out in S. Louisiana

    Welcome!! This place was a lifesaver for me 12 years ago. I was two months away from 50 and went mechanical. Everyone is different and you will get a wide range of opinions here. Remember to listen to you doctors and your heart. I have had no problem with warfarin. I've had two surgery's...
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    Three Years Post Op - Great Echo Report

    Jim, keep on keeping on!!
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    11 years ago it wasn't Easter

    Freddie!!! Big giant hug and happy 11th valvasary!! I'll shoot you an email soon and we can catch up!!
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    MVR 1st year-versary

    Congratulations!! The first year is a milestone indeed!! As dick0236 stated, it's time to move forward enjoying the gift of life!!
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    Newbie here. Just got out of the hospital today

    Welcome!! It takes time. I was told to walk, rest, eat and repeat. You will get there. Listen to your body..... Peace:coolhank:
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    Staying the Course -- 04/02/2018

    Greetings! Just dropping in to see what condition my condition was in. Good to see a few familiar faces. All is going well in Chimpville; DW is doing well and we are traveling as much as possible. I'm still fighting the battle of the bulge but that's what started this thread 100 years ago...