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    9 year followup

    I dropped by to update this post. Almost 13 years post-surgery now, and my wife is still stable at 2+ regurgitation. No change since 2007. We can't complain about that. I hope everyone is well.
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    It's so weird seeing a post like this from so long ago. I can barely remember all the anxiety we were experiencing over the pregnancy and everything. Celia is seven now, and Colin is nearly ten. They're both happy healthy kids.
  3. Christian

    9 year followup

    Few of you likely remember me, but I was a regular user here in the early 2000's. My wife (then 32 years old) had a mitral valve repair at the Cleveland Clinic in 2005. Dr. Cosgrove was her surgeon. Yesterday was her 9 year followup evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic. Her regurgitation which...
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    Hi guys. I tried to change my e-mail address of record to christian.helbling@*****.com and got a message that my e-mail address had been banned. I assume it's a mistake, since I've never used that address here. Can someone fix that for me? I hope this note find everyone well. Jill and our...
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    Hi all

    Just let us know. Our vacations in 2008 are scheduled for January and October, so we should be around.
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    Hi all

    Just checking in. For those of you who remember me, Jill's doing great after about two years. Her valve repair held up during her second pregnancy (only trace regurgitation). Our son Colin turns three on Monday. Celia is six months old. We're looking forward to a busy holiday season. Hope...
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    Hi all. I forgot to post the news. Our daughter, Celia Marie, was born on April 8. The delivery was not difficult and Jill had no problems at all. Celia has had some issues, but they're all very minor and have nothing (so far, at least) to do with her heart.
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    Well, we're in week 36 -- one month to go. Not much has happened. Somewhere between week 20 and week 30 the increased blood volume that's caused by the pregnancy gave rise to a louder murmur that indicated "mild" regurgitation, but the doctor seemed to think that things will simply revert back...
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    Life Insurance after Mitral Valve Repair

    I've read dozens of posts here over the years relating to the difficulties in securing life insurance both before and after valve surgery. Between 1998 and 2004 my wife (who is now 33) was consistently rejected by about a dozen life insurance companies due to her mitral valve regurgitation...
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    Hello everyone. Haven't been back since my last post. Jill's about to start week 29. We've had no heart-related complications at all. I'll have to start painting things pink in a few weeks. *sigh* For those of you that remember our first pregnancy, Colin is doing great. He's now two...
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    Can an "Untrained Ear" hear a murmur?

    Before my wife's surgery I could hear her murmur without a stethoscope.... All I had to do was put my ear on her back. It was more of a "vroooooom vroooooooom" than a "thub dub." The sound post-surgery couldn't be more different. It's now "dub-dub.... dub-dub..."
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    It's hard coming back here sometimes.... Reading the threads is like a reality check: "My wife had heart surgery. We actually went through all of this." Anyway, Jill's one year anniversary went by and we didn't even notice it. Her valve repair is still a complete success and she's had no...
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    Pregnancy After Mitral Valve Repair

    Haven't dropped in here for a while. I hope everyone's well. Jill's 14 weeks pregnant now, and everything has been totally normal. Nothing to report but smooth sailing.
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    You People Know How To Make A Grown Man Cry

    Good to see you're home. You'll be in our thoughts.
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    Cort's Road Trip

    Jill and I met our first VR member yesterday, as Cort graciously dropped by on his way out of Pittsburgh. Here's a photo of Jill, Cort and my son Colin sitting in the backyard. http://www.flickr.com/photos/77699807@N00/214947723/