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    Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - any tips?

    I was the same way. I woke up and they kept my tubes in for hours. I was restrained as well so my movement was really limited. Fortunately they gave me anti anxiety meds regularly to keep me from freaking out too much. I did have a couple instances when they had to suction me and I thought I was...
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    One Month!

    Hello, Thought I’d share that today is my one-month surgery anniversary. On July 10th, I had ohs at Johns Hopkins Hospital to replace my aortic valve with an ON-X mechanical valve and had a Dacron graft of my aorta. Dr. Dan Choi and a resident performed the surgery. I was in the hospital for a...
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    Post-op Beer

    Hi...I’m about 4 weeks post-op and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m blessed that I haven’t had any complications and my INR has been pretty stable. They installed an On-X valve and a Dacron graft when I had my OHS. I’m going on vacation at the end of August. I was wondering how long it was after...
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    Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - any tips?

    That happened to me too. It was so awful. I thought I would choke.
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    St Jude Valves

    Does anyone have a St Jude Mechanical Valve? Any issues?
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    Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - any tips?

    Hi...I thought I could share my story. My name is David. I’m 37 and I recently found out I have a heart murmur and need to have my aortic valve and aorta replaced. My surgery is scheduled on July 10th. They’re going to give me a St Jude mechanical valve and do a graft to replace my aorta. Is...