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    Need advice...non-heart related

    I had an epiphany. I took advantage of our prepaid tuition for my son. If he is able to graduate with a 3.5 gpa or better he will win one of Nevada's millennium scholarships. I told him if he does and stays drug free I will let him have the tuition money for a down-payment on a house. That seems...
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    Help me understand

    Guest. I too suffer from Crohn's and had OHS to replace my aortic valve and artery. Sounds like you've gotten a lot of good advice here. My Crohn's was pretty active when I had my surgery and I really wasn't an issue. Even though I opted for a tissue valve I still had to take coumadin for...
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    Need advice...non-heart related

    Thanks dornole , great recommendation, I watched some .youturbe videos and ordered the set.
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    4 year anniversary- hard to believe

    Woohoo Heart Of The Sunrise happy valversary, many more to come!
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    Need advice...non-heart related

    Thank you Agian, I think you may be right. Sports, specifically ski racing, helped me to remove my head from my rear end. My son doesn't really seem to gravitate towards anything other than electronics...I agree 100% about being transparent about my feelings.
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    Mitral Valve Replacement (Next Wed 22nd March)

    Good luck next week, we'll all be rooting for you and a speedy recovery. The only things I can offer at this point is to not be afraid to challenge your doc and be your own advocate. Secondly, the biggest surprise for me was waking from anesthesia with the breathing tube. It was a very...
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    Need advice...non-heart related

    Hello fellow valvers. First let me apologize as this is probably not the place to post this, but I have a great deal of respect for your opinions. My son is 15. I have had a hard time with him in the past 12 months or so with problems around honesty. I realize he is 15 and some of this is of...
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    Can't decide on mechanical or tissue valve.

    I had my surgery at 37. I was adamant about not having to deal with Warfarin due to some of the activities I was and am involved with, ski racing and off-road motorcycle racing. That was almost 8 years ago...And now it looks likely that I'm headed for my second surgery. In my mind I was sure I...
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    First surgery, bicuspid aortic valve replacement

    Wow, not sure the sarcasm was warranted. We get your point and it is a valid one, from what I've read those who have posted are simply giving their experiences and how that related to them and how it could potentially help others.
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    aortic aneurysm repair and stroke prevention?

    Thank you dangerousmotto , as I'm mentally preparing for the possibility of a 2nd OHS this was good for me to read, helped re-ground me. The mental part can be as difficult as the physical. My first OHS was flawless and a textbook recovery. I was walking 5 miles/day after a week, went on to...
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    5 years

    Congratulations! Many more to come
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    2nd surgery possibility-ECHO results

    I've been researching my findings, but cannot seem to find any information about treatment other than surgery. I looked at several flow charts used to determine when or if surgery is necessary and they all seem to rely in part on physical symptoms. I guess I'm interested to know if these echo...
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    2nd surgery possibility-ECHO results

    Never mind, found this: What happens during TEE? Specially trained doctors perform TEE. It’s usually done in a hospital or a clinic and lasts 30 to 60 minutes. A technician sprays your throat with a medicine to numb it and suppress the gag reflex. You’ll lie on a table. A nurse puts an IV...
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    2nd surgery possibility-ECHO results

    Thank you all for your input. I have not yet seen my cardiologist, have an appointment for 3.20. I have to admit that looking at my results has set me back mentally...being pretty pathetic and feeling sorry for myself. Trying to pull myself out of it. I've never had a TEE, are you conscious...
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    2nd surgery possibility-ECHO results

    Here are my Echo results. I've been told that a second surgery is likely in the next 12 months. I'm no doctor and I realize no one else here is either. Just looking for an insight. What questions should I be asking? This is worse than I had anticipated. Thank you in advance, Phil...