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    Lyn..been missing you. please send me a way to ontact you. You have always been my sunshine...

    Lyn..been missing you. please send me a way to ontact you. You have always been my sunshine. Blanche
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    Hank: Al and I have been quite busy trying to fight cancer for the past couple of years...at the...

    Hank: Al and I have been quite busy trying to fight cancer for the past couple of years...at the Mayo Clinic. It is so hard with the both of us having cancer treatments at the same time. We have few friends and our only family here is our son, Alex. I have lost my connection to...
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    frequency of INR testing

    We test weekly We test weekly My husband had his Mitral valve replaced in 1990. He went to the clinic for testing every four weeks....never skipped a beat. Then, up jumped the devil and he had a stroke...a very serious stroke...after ten successful years of testing monthly. What happened to...
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    A salute to veterans

    Greg: Thank you so much for your post with info on partners in Canada. This is such an important service for those who can't do much with housework while suffering with cancer and chemo. I wish that they would offer this service to men who are receiving chemo too...perhaps that will come in...
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    A salute to veterans

    Dear people: THis is from my Southwest Valley Living paper in Arizona. Retired master chief petty officer, Art Sloan, artgbeard@aol.com, or seblogs.at central.com.) wrote a vern important piece for those who might need this special service. "THIS AND THAT" "Any woman now undergoing...
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    Echo NOT good news --- 4th OHS Imminent

    Norm: I hold you very close in my heart at this time when you are having such concerns. I just know that you are tough and able to overcome the obstacles that are facing you. Please know that you are in my heart and that I will be thinking of you and sending you energy to deal with this...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bina...........

    Dear Bina: So very sorry I missed your birthday this year. Hope you had a wonderful day. Blanche
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    I found a supplier associated with my insurance!

    Country: I doubt that any INR Monitor will last your lifetime. At your age now, 23 years, you can plan to buy more than several Monitors. We bought our first monitor in 2001 and the second one just about 3 years ago. Does anyone here know the "life expectancy" of the monitors that folks are...
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    Hi From Jan ( Liverpool )

    Great to see you. Great to see you. Jan: I have been living with a-fib for the last 4 years. It is somewhat of a pain in the neck from time to time. Usually it just is what it is. I have missed you. Blanche
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    Ross you are the MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where does it say that anyone is leaving? Where does it say that anyone is leaving? I agree with Nancy 100%, but that is not news to many of you. I usually agree with Nancy...and am glad of it. I just plain do not see a problem here. Several years ago I wanted to stop smoking. I joined many...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY catwoman

    Marsha: I am so sorry that I missed your birthday. I hope you had a lovely day filled with fun, good cheer, and lots of kitty cat licks! Blanche
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    Emergency Appendectomy or Cruise?

    My dear Norm: I am so sorry that you missed your cruise. It's sad when we look forward to something that must be cut loose at the last moment. On the other hand, it has to be comforting to you to be able to deal with your home hospital and doctors for your problem. I hope you heal quickly...
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    High INR and headache

    Wish I could help Wish I could help I'm not much help. I had headaches before I went on Coumadin. My husband also takes Coumadin (Mitral valve replacement October 1990). He has had little concerns with headaches since his valvereplacement... Hope your concerns are solved quickly. Blanche
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cooker (54)

    My dear Chef: Happy Birthday and many more. Hope your day is a splendid one. Blanche
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    When the push comes to shove...

    Update on my cancer surgery is a bit iffey. I am scheduled for surgery at the Mayo Clinic on May 20, 2010. Between now and then, I have to undergo a whole bunch of tests. The first tests begin this week on April 21. Then, later on, there are procedures to prepare for the...