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    countdown to cleveland

    Peej: Here's my prediction: Much of those first few days will become a blur. What I went thru with bowel issues post-surgery; lack of sleep; pain in my back...all of that dissipated as a memory. It's the kind of stuff we live through and do in the moment, but I think the drugs help us remember...
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    countdown to cleveland

    OK, Peej, it's showtime. Your head is in the right place. Keep your sense of humor. Hit the red button to keep ahead of the pain. Be a squeaky wheel if you need to be. Follow the walking/breathing protocol. Repeat. The first few days will be, well, probably not as bad as you are expecting but...
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    countdown to cleveland

    Dea! And thanks for dredging up that study!
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    countdown to cleveland

    Peej! You're very welcome and thank you very much.
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    countdown to cleveland

    Crooser, they specifically told us to book 10 days and expect the unexpected. The goal was 5-6 days in the hospital (this was just pre-Covid). I had a mild complication which caused me to say 8 days. And THEN the final stitches out / all-clear on Day 10. We left Cleveland Day 11.
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    countdown to cleveland

    And to think I knew everything! Proof Chuck knows more. I did not know that. Since I had a Bentall procedure, I hope you are right!!! ;-) Also, Peej - you do NOT need a recliner. Trust me on this. My surgeon's nurse at CC was the one who convinced me it would be a waste. I had wondered whether...
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    countdown to cleveland

    Peej, Great choice. Your attitude will serve you well. We stayed at the ICC and upgraded to the Club Level. That was a great choice, especially for the proximity and ease of access for my wife. She really appreciated the women at the Club, especially Anntonette, who seems to take special care...
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    12 year Bovine valve anniversary

    Congrats. I'm almost a year and a half in with the same valve you have. Fingers crossed mine gets anywhere near yours. My OEM, a unicuspid, was highly calcified so I likely have a predisposition toward lower tread life. My surgeon gave me 8-12 as the realistic range, sized for a TAVR...
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    three month post op

    Amazing what a difference three months can make!
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    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Chuck, these are some great tips + motivational chatter. I've probably gained around 5lbs from my lows since surgery in March 2019. But I also definitely notice more padding than I like. I walk 4+ miles almost daily at a very fast pace, including steep hills. My diet is in check - very...
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    Breathing Tube Fear

    I think almost everybody has the same fear. I woke up very drowsy with the tube still in and they told me to just breathe slowly. I probably dozed off again, until I heard them say something like, "give us a small cough." I looked up at a very bright light and the tube was dangling above me...
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    My Time has Come

    According to Dennis' wife on Day One post-surgery, he was doing well.
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Bottom line is this: Catch it before your heart is damaged. There is a fine line there. Get several opinions. Etc Etc.
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    Cleveland Clinic Questions

    My surgery was a year and a half ago and Dr. S chose an older tissue valve, which I found interesting b/c he was lead investigator (I believe) on the Resilia. I believe lots of factors go into it. I did not question his choice. He said it would probably last 8-12 years (I was highly calcified)...
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    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    So tempting, Chuck. But... there's the issue of my wife, who I do believe would say, "Over my dead body." 🤣