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    I have a surgery date! Now it feels real...

    Prayers are coming your way today, Maggie.
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    Wow, Tracey, looking great. Both you and your pillow. :)
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    Update on me!

    Jackie, I have not been on the forum for sooooo long. I just returned tonite and your post was the first one I read. I am so happy to hear you are doing so well. Seems like only yesterday you had your surgery done. Great news!!! Barb
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    Prayers for RobThatsMe

    Adding my prayers to all of yours.
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    Could you keep Andrew in your prayers?

    Keeping Andrew in my prayers. Any recent news, Lyn? My heart goes out to Wendy. She seems like a very strong person.
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    What a relief, Penny. You must feel better already knowing it was not an infection. :)
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Penny, I feel so sorry that you have had to go through these complications. I am praying that your tests come out better. ((((Hugs))))), Barb
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    Am I expecting too much? 7 weeks since surgery

    Luana, thanks for the advice. I will bring these things up with the cardio on Thursday. :)
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    Am I expecting too much? 7 weeks since surgery

    Again, thank you, thank you all. Lily, you might be right about the heat of this summer. Colin has gotten out to walk the last couple of days and it has been nice and cool. So, I think that will help. Scott, you know, as I think of it, he really has been like this due to his social anxiety. He...
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    Am I expecting too much? 7 weeks since surgery

    Thanks to all of you for your great ideas! Walking: He is not doing enough of it. He has a cardio appt this week and I am going to ask the doc to send him to cardio rehab. That was a great suggestion. At least it would get him out and doing things. Depression: Definitely a concern. He has seen...
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    Am I expecting too much? 7 weeks since surgery

    Hi all, it has been a bit over 7 weeks since Colin's surgery. I am getting a bit worried because he does not seem to want to do much. He has had a great recovery with no complications. But, he seems to be content to just stay in the house. I have pushed him to get resumes out for teaching...
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    How has your life improved?

    Michelle, your post was so uplifting. I will always remember when Colin was first diagnosed with Marfan. I thought I could never ever be happy again in my life. And, I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter at the time. But, Marfan has actually added a new dimension to my life. I still wish...
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Penny, so glad you are now home. Hope those antibiotics get their job done. Get well!!! :)
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    I,too, have been lurking more than posting lately. I also joined the other site when Hank sent me the message about it. I have barely used that site at all, but have no problems with it. I just feel more comfortable here. I have not been on here very long, but this forum helped me tremendously...
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    Met my Surgeon and Got my Date

    Brittainy, Thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep us posted as to how you do.