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    Tomorrow Is The Big Day

    Ιt is too early yet in about 1-2 months you will have clear vision, they will measure the sharpness of vision. I do not know which lens you put in but know that there is always the risk of blurring of the intraocular PCO in the ophthalmologist's office, do the cleaning within 5 minutes with a...
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    Self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation google scholar,5
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    New European Guidelines on Valvular Heart Disease Published Target international normalized ratio Target INR should be based upon prosthesis thrombogenicity and patient-related risk factors (Table 10).479 It is recommended to target a median INR value rather than a range to avoid considering extreme values in the target range as a valid target...
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    New European Guidelines on Valvular Heart Disease Published

    2021 ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease:
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    Cataract Surgery coming soon
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    tamron 17-50 2.8 f32 0.15sec ND10
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    I searched on a hard disc I had and I put some, I hope you like it.
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    In the first photo I used the canon 17-40 L f18 2sec ND10. With a lot of sun I have tried with good results an ND 3 stop filter and a polar one on top. I would recommend if you have to try a policy combination to give the detail of the sun and write the clouds well ND.
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    Staying the Course -- "On the Road Again"

    An attempt by me with ND filter several years ago.
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    Elevation and INR

    Nice photo, my opinion is that an ND filter would make it better.
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    Bentall’s pricedure

    Οχι, σχεδον ολες οι εταιριες εχουν pre-assembled.
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    Coaguchek INRange ...

    Today I did a test in the lab to check the inrange the lab showed 2.9 and the roche 3.3 My goal is 2.00 to 3.00,
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    Breathing Tube Fear

    I had the surgery at 07.00 in the morning I woke up at 11.30 in the evening, I had no tube in my mouth. The afternoon my wife and I had seen me after the surgery, I had tubes in my mouth, apparently they removed the tubes first and then they woke me up.
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    Aortic Valve Surgery on the Road Ahead

    Νot all cases are the same, as you can see in the figure the merger has many variations. In In my case, they had told me before that it could not be repaired .