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    At the bottom of each email is CLICK HERE TO UNSUBSCRIBE. You can do that and they will stop.

    At the bottom of each email is CLICK HERE TO UNSUBSCRIBE. You can do that and they will stop.
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    Low INR question

    Everyone, I've closed this thread as it is deteriorating past civil and caring conversation.
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    Just had my TAVR two days ago.

    Glad to seeing you well enough to post. May you have an easy recovery.
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    Please be careful with your INR. I've seen Dad having a lot of problems with maintaining the proper number, so I hope you take care of yourself.
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    You are just being sarcastic, aren't you?
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    Not at this time, but this software is made to be extremely friendly on mobile browsers. You can use Safari that comes on iPhone / iPad or I like Chrome so downloaded and use that. Then just type in the forum url and you are here. Fully functioning. For me it looks good in vertical, but...
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    That forum is not closed just that one thread.

    That forum is not closed just that one thread.
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    New members

    I didn't know about that. I have locked that first post. I'm not use to Introductions and stories being locked, so I may do stories but not regular quick introductions.
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    My Brief Personal Story

    This thread is closed for comments as the original "stories" was locked after original post.
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    New members Please check this out and see if it will do for Introductions and Personal Stories of how new members (or old) arrived at this place.
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    Hurricane Dorian?

    I hope that all of you that may be in the path of Dorian have extra supplies and meds so you'll be ready should you have to stay home without power for a few days. Please check in and let us know you'll be all set for it.
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    That Time Again

    I've closed this thread, so the topic can start over for what it was and the insults and fussing about PSA's can be done without insults on it;s own thread. And PSA's should be done later in a man's life too. Dad had Stage 4 when he died. Found a year earlier after it had attacked his...
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    That Time Again

    Then post without the political comments. I'm not taking the time to edit out political references. Not government in general, but political as in a particular party or candidate.
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    That Time Again

    Stop being politically fussing. This forum is about healthcare. I will continue to delete posts where necessary. In the morning I may have to come back and read posts again to see if I missed anything.
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    I will be 14 on Sunday!

    Happy 14th Renewed You Birthday.