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    Echo NOT good news --- 4th OHS Imminent

    Norma, Haven't been on here in what seems like forever, and just saw your post. I'm so sorry dear one, that's you're having to deal with all of this. You are going to be just fine, and I know that you know, you're in good hands. You'll get through this and we'll all be here waiting to hear...
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    Update on me!

    Such great news! So happy for you. I have not been on this site in what seems like forever, but I'm glad to get on here and read your wonderful post. Take care of yourself and Happy New Year!!
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Well I think that's great news Penny!! Keeping prayers going up for you girl! Heal up and get better!! Thoughts & hugs!! Angel
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    thoughts and prayers are with! whenever i used the recliner, i had to have someone assist with getting me up and out, etc. the first night i came home, i slept in my own bed, propped up on lots of pillows, almost in a sitting position. as the days passed, i slowly took a pillow away until...
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    just glad to hear they're "up" on things and getting you taken care of!! Praying for complete healing for you, Penny! Take care and get your rest!
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    I'm on the other side! Thanks!

    Great to hear! Take care and wishes for a smooth recovery!
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Bless you Penny! You are in my prayers!!!! Glad you're home now. Take care. Angel
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    ok penny, i hope when you get back on here, you start a new thread!! lol. anyway, i'm just checking in on ya lady! been praying for you and hope you did get to come home today. let us hear how you're doing! sorry you're having to deal with all of this. take care sweet friend! angel
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Penny!!!! I've messaged you a couple of times, but I had missed seeing the post about you being in the hospital!!! I was beginning to really get worried about you! Now I know you're in the hospital, fighting off an infection! Lordy!! I just want you to know that I'm soooooo sorry you're...
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    hello everyone

    Bless your hearts. I can understand where you're coming from. I'm the wife and it was me that had to deal with getting the horribly frightening news of a bicupsid valve, at first moderate stenosis, which went to severe stenosis within two years. I had my AVR root replacement (porcine tissue)...
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Yaaaaayyyyy, Penny! Great news, friend!! You're still in my prayers for Wednesday's test! Take care!
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Penny, I too agree with everyone else. This should be taken care of immediately! Could possibly cause a stroke, could be an infection, we'll check it out in a week???? What are they thinking??? This blows my mind, but I'm thinking you need to take the upperhand and call your surgeon, or go...
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    Blood Clot or Infection

    Oh Penny!!! I just sent you a very long private message before I saw your post!!! I'm so sorry to hear you're dealing with this issue now! I am going to keep you so very close in my prayers and I'm trusting that whatever it is, it's just going to go away and everything's going to be just...
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    Thanks from a newbie

    Welcome, and blessings to you. I'm 8 weeks out of my surgery today as a matter of fact, I'm doing well. Still tire out easily though. I'm in my late forties. Sorry you have to have the surgery, but I pray everything will go very well for you and you'll be back to a much better life real...
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    10 Weeks out and gallbladder surgery tomorrow.

    You will be in my prayers!!