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    Yeah... I'm still around..!

    Thank you... and will do! :) Hang in there! It's definitely worth the wait... and I have to say, it wasn't until sometime after I was discharged that I found out I actually "mooed "instead of "oinked"! Not sure why they switched, but it seems to be working nonetheless. Anyhoo, I'll have to...
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    Pulmonic Valve Replacement Scheduled

    Hi there - wow - what a huge year for you!! I'm another heart baby who grew up being told I would never need another surgery, so I can totally relate to the shock of finding out they were wrong! I'm very glad to say, however, that a little over a year after my PVR I am doing fantastically and...
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    Movement and clothing post-surgery

    Also - try not to drop your pills (the millions of them!!!) on the floor.... or swallow your water down the wrong way. VERY PAINFUL!!!! I was able to shower while in the hospital, but had my hair braided a'la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz until I got home. Kept it easy to maintain. The first...
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    Yeah... I'm still around..!

    Maybe I'm just mental... :D It sure is nice touching base with everyone again.
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    Not Good Cardio Report

    Oh Glenda - sorry to hear the last report was not so good. I'll be thinking of you and hoping things are better than they may seem. A x
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    Yeah... I'm still around..!

    Cheers - and yes, it's a stinker!!! Here's hoping the cool change really does come through tonight :)
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    Pregnancy after surgery

    Hi Stephanie, my doctors told me it would "probably" be safe, but for me, "probably" isn't really certain enough. I guess I'm lucky having children has never been much of a priority for me, so making the decision not to push my luck wasn't an issue. I do know women with TOF who have...
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    Collateral damage?

    I had terrible shoulder pain post surgery. I was able to commence chiropractic treatment 3 months after the surgery and after 9 months of fortnightly treatment (which was weekly for the first 2 months) my chiro says I'm now in about the same shape as his "normal" patients. Of course, now I can...
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    Yeah... I'm still around..!

    What a difference a year and a bit of bovine can make! All I can say is this year's birthday was a trifle more indulgent than last year's - there WAS cake and bubbles! :D Otherwise things are going really well - we've finally moved into our new house.. where I have room for my new treadmill...
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    1 Year yesterday and still smiling

    You forgot?!!! :) That's awesome :D All the best for another year.
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    11th December. One year today ! !

    Happy Anniversary Justin - good to see you're still going strong 12 months on! : )
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    Ladies--bra, underwear in hospital??

    I didn't bother with a bra while in hospital or for the first few weeks at home - but then I don't have much to brag about, so it wasn't much of an issue. I did buy some stretchy tank-tops with thin straps which I found I could "step" into (rather than trying to put them on over my head) and...
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    Hey Gina - wow, I just stopped in for a quick update and this was quite a shock! I do think, however, that you need to do whatever is right for you and if that means taking a break, then so be it. I haven't been around enough to be familiar with the "War Room", but it sounds intriguing and one...
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    Need opinions of people who DON'T use social networking services

    1. What things would you most like to know about Twitter, Facebook Pages (or just Facebook) and LinkedIn, either individually or as a group? I'm not really interested in any of the above and wouldn't really care to know any more about them. 2. What are some reasons you are not using them? I...
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    Patrick Swayze gone at 57

    Oh wow! This is the first I've heard. Such a shame - he was always so fit and athletic... I guess it just shows that none of us are invincible. :(