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    New valve leaking got to have surgery again

    This is Weird This is Weird I just made a post in Aortic Valve and Tissue Disease. My valve is leaking also but they have no plans as of yet to replace it. Mine is caused from valve having to be sewn to calcified tissue. It is rated as moderate. They said if they had removed all the calcium I...
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    Still have moderate leak

    I had AVR surgery 8-7-12. My surgeon told me that there was more calcification then they had thought and couldn't remove it all and still be able to survive the surgery. I got a Medtronics Mosaic Porcine Valve. It had to be sewn to calcified tissue so I still have a moderate insufficiency. It...
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    Just had surgery

    calcification of surrounding tissue calcification of surrounding tissue Did your doctor say anything about sewing the valve to calcified tissue. That is what happened to me and I still have a moderate insufficiency. Just wondered if anyone else has this problem. Had my aortic valve replaced 6...
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    Checking In

    Hello All; Well I just thought I would check in. I had my AVR surgery on the 7th. I am feeling pretty good. I thought it would be a lot worse then it has been. The first 3 days were miserable but now is pretty good. I started sleeping good for the first time Wednesday night or Thursday. The...
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    Another new member gettin' ready for AVR

    Hello Hello I am having mine done Tuesday and I am having a pig valve. One of the reasons I went that way was I am hoping if I ever need another I will be able to get transcatheter.
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    Appointment results

    hbp hbp What are beta blockers an hbp for. What is hbp,k do you have to be on them forever?
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    RVing after surgery

    I am probably jumping the gun on this but here goes. I got a motorhome last year and we got to use it for a couple of months last summer. We had planned on being gone all summer and this happened. So I am going to get AVR on Aug 7th. How soon after would it be wise to wait till, that I would be...
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    Appointment results

    The appt. went great. I really like the doctor and so did my wife. He explained everything really well. Showed me my angiogram. I am going to have Labs on August 6th and Surgery August 7th. Going to have a pig valve. I was a little worried if I would be able to understand him but no problem. I...
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    Well I am off for my first appointment with the surgeon. Definitely nervous.
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    Good News

    Had my bilateral heart cath today and I had no blockages so when I get the valve replaced I don't need a bypass. Have an appointment with the surgeon Dr.Vishwanath on the 17th to set up surgery.
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    Got a copy of echo

    Got my echo results. Don't understand what they mean. I am going for a heart cath Friday then surgery. From what I have read here it is better to get this done before my symptoms get to bad. I still have an Ejection Fraction of 74%. When I was sick and lost my legs it was 15%. Don't know what...
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    well, i made it

    Yahoo Yahoo I am so glad to hear this.
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    How do you set up chat??
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    Made Decision

    I had previously talked to my cardiologist and he said I would probably be ok till Labor Day. I have noticed I am having increasing shortness of breath. I went yesterday and had a new echo. Things haven't changed alot but like he said it isn't going away. I decided to go for it so am waiting to...
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    Would appreciate hearing from people who have had AVR in Spokane and impressions of surgeons.