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Thread: Interaction Question spirulina and Warfarin?

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    Default Interaction Question spirulina and Warfarin?

    I know this will come up. Just read the antioxidents in spirulina are great for longevity. Any interaction with Warfarin?

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    Expect to increase your warfain a fair amount:

    It has Vitamin K 200 mcg, daily RDA 80 mcg, Percent of RDA +250 %

    Personally, I'd pass.

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    Spirulina is a blue-green algae. It is loaded with vitamin K. You will have to increase your warfarin dose when you start taking it. Also if you ever run out and try to wait until the next trip to the store to get some more, you may find that your INR has skyrocketed because of the suddenly lessened intake of vitamin K. It has the potential to be a serious interaction.
    Al Lodwick, R.Ph.
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