On-X Aortic Heart Valves: Safer with Less Warfarin


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Post op with the new on-x valve.

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  • Post op with the new on-x valve.

    Hello again all,

    I'm now 14 days post op, after having my second OHS. Surgery itself was a bit of a mare, unfortunately, I had adhesions, and whilst these were being dealt with early on in the surgery, I had a couple of VF arrests and I needed to be defibrillated. I also had a couple of days of arrhythmias whilst my heart was settling down.

    Now then, the ON-X Valve, it's a little louder than I imagined, it's a squeaky sort of clicking, not at all intrusive, in fact, I find it very reassuring. I'm very happy with my decision to have one.
    My INR will be kept between 2.0-3.5 for the next 10 weeks, then between 1.5-2.0 with the addition of daily Aspirin. (enteric coated)

    I have also lost almost 10 kgs, and do not have to bash my kidneys with Furosemide anymore. Feeling stronger every day.



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    Sounds like you've done fine, Marko.

    As one of our long ago members said about his mechanical valve. . . "I'll only worry about the clicking if it stops."

    Take it one step at a time. Don't rush things. Breathe, walk, rest. It will all fall back into shape.
    Go Class of 2011!

    Steve Epstein
    9 Years in The Waiting Room, then on February 28, 2011,
    AVR with 23mm Edwards Bovine Pericardial Tissue Valve, Model 3300TFX, Pacemaker - Boston Scientific Altrua 60 DDDR IS-1 and CABG (LIMA-LAD) at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago by Dr. Patrick McCarthy and the most wonderful team of professionals I could ask for. New pacemaker (Boston Scientific L101) and ventricular lead, July, 2016.


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      Very happy to hear your news. Sending good wishes that you feel better and stronger every day.
      Mitral stenosis from rheumatic fever, corrected 2002 via valvuloplasty, now have mitral regurgitation, in the waiting room for mitral valve replacement


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        Great news! You will feel better every day. Tomorrow is my 2 month anniversary with my On-X!


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          Congrats Marko my ON-X brother. Initially like you I heard my valve. Now I do not hear it or I am just used to it. Just celebrated my 4 year anniversary on Saturday. Just had an echo...see cardio in two weeks life is good. My INR range is 1.8 to 2.2. Coumadin has not been a problem. Self test at home every two weeks.
          March 18, 2013- at age 57- "Mechanical Composite Root Replacement and Aggressive Hemi-arch Reconstruction". 25mm On-X Aortic Valve with an attached 34 mm Valsalva Aortic Graft and a 24mm Transverse Aortic Arch Graft- Dr. Joseph E. Bavaria. University of Pennsylvania Hospital. (HUP) Dream On....On to the Heart Of the Sunrise"-YES [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5jGG4sH2Cc[/URL]


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            Congratulations on another successful surgery. Best wishes for your continued recovery.
            BAV, severe aortic stenosis replaced and single bypass done 9/30/15 by Dr. Joseph Coselli, CHI St. Luke's Hospital, Houston. Clinical trial Edwards Rapid Deployment Intuity (tissue) Valve. Cardiologist is Dr. Jose Diez, Baylor Clinic.
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