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Mechanical Replacement after MitralValve Repair

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  • Mechanical Replacement after MitralValve Repair

    Hi ALL. I had my mitral valve repaired almost two years ago now for bi-leaflet prolapse w/ severe regurgitation and am going to need the valve replaced because of "iatrogenic mitral stenosis" and haven't a clue as valve selection. Any suggestions/direction? I am 37 years old. All I know is that the valve has to be mechanical as my prior surgeon made the valve too small to re-repair. Thanks a bunch! D
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    Hi D,
    I am so sorry that you have to go through this again. I know you have been dealing with pulmonary hypertension issues this past while. Was it related?
    Please know that your VR family will be here for you and supporting you along the way. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    P.S. I think the ON-X is being used in the mitral position. There seems to be some promising research directed at future possible reduction of anti-coagulation use (nothing established yet) with this valve. I am sure others will chime in who are more knowledgeable about valve choice for the mitral position.
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      Sorry to read that your time is getting closer for a re-operation Dee.

      I know you and I have communicated several times because we have both been fighting the battle with PH. I hope the revatio is working for you too and that you have overcome some of the side affects. It's gotten better for me over the course of time, thank goodness!

      As for the type of mechanical valve, I'm not sure what to advise you on that. My 31-year old mechanical aortic was swapped out with a St. Jude but I'm not sure if they can use St. Jude in the mitral position as well, but I think they can. (Luckily for me, the new aortic St. Jude is working quite well and it will be 5 years ago the end of this month, I had the surgery!)

      As Ottawagal said, we're here to support you in anyway we can and to pray for you!

      God Bless!
      Best Regards,
      N Jean (New Mexico)

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        Thank you SO much are BOTH awesome and inspire me as I move forward with this. Met with Dr. Gillinov at CC last week and it's up in the air as to whether this will completely help all my symptoms, as there is some question as to whether my PH is secondary to the MS or primary. The Revatio IS helping but not enough. After all, I'm 37, not 87 and as a mom to a young child, I must strive for more, not settle for less. Our only child turns five years old next month, and with that, so does my urgency to feel better. I really feel as if I need to do this before the situation gets worse and I lose more time with her. Thank you so much for your continued support!
        11/07: Dual Chamber Pacemaker for Sick Sinus Syndrome
        03/09: Mitral Valve Repair w/ Annuloplasty Ring for Mitral Regurgitation
        07/11: Mitral Valve Replacement for Mitral Stenosis


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          Sorry the repair isn't working out.
          I got a St. Jude nearly 8 years ago. My husband had MV repair nearly 4 years ago -- one or two of the chordae ruptured due to deceleration trauma when the airbag went off during a car accident. He had no other issues with the mitral or any other valve. He's due an echo soon. Since his cardio retired in December, we need to move his care over to my cardio.
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            My fave mech valves are the ATS and the On-X, based on my reading. I think they both make valves that are MV-friendly. The ATS is apparently the quietest, and the On-X claims resistence to clotting and pannus growth -- both of which ATS contests, partly on their website, which has a very interesting page disputing the benefits of On-X's "magic carbon".
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            68 y.o. (65 @OHS), keen active athlete until shortly pre-op, only symptomatic 1-2 months pre-op.
            AVR (Medtronics Hancock II) Dec. 1 2010 w/ Dr. C.M. Feindel at UHN aka Toronto General. Also a "tuck" on the Aortic root, and a (Dacron) Medtronics Simplici-T ring on my MV. I did ACT for 3 months for the ring, and Metoprolol (BB) for 3 months for A-fib.