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  • Lag and mobile

    Hiya folks,

    So, I have come to this site a time or three and I have some feedback. The page load lag is an issue. I am not sure as to all the technicalities thereof or the why for's and whatnot, but it is a distraction/impediment to some folks I would imagine. I am 42 so hardly an inexperienced teen that thinks 4k needs to stream instantly. I have experienced plenty of post delays, resulting in double posts, and have even left the site when I might otherwise poke around and interact more...for what that is worth.

    Also, navigation and posting on my iPad or iPhone is markedly more difficult and seems broken. I tap the comment field and nothing occurs. Obviously, I would attribute this to user error first, but I think there may be more here.

    I have donated already, hoping that might help, and would be willing to chip in more if the thought is that it could help



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    nothin....ok then....lol