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  • Sodium Free Bottled Water

    Some friends of ours are going on holiday to Florida next week, the have a young baby who is on formula milk that needs to be mixed using water,

    they intended to use bottled water from the supermarkets but are worried too learn that the bottled waters contain sodium, which as you know is not reccommended for young babies,

    are there any brands of water available in the USA that do not contain sodium


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    Sodium-free water is quite common here and should be available everywhere. The brands vary with locality. I have a bottle of Crystal Geyser natural alpine spring water (that's what the label says!) in front of me, and the nutrition label states that it is sodium free.

    Grocery stores here also carry distilled water in gallon sized bottles, which could be used to make up formula and isn't too expensive.


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      Hi Bill

      Thanks for the prompt reply

      I have passed the info on to the babies mother

      keep smiling

      AVR on January 2nd 2002
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        i would worry more about the chemicals in the water more than the sodium for a baby. bottled water is unregulated and "drinking" bottled water can come from a municipal city tap water supply. if you are going to buy bottled water, the best kind is the spring water. those kind usually are onozeated and gone through some purifier method. i personally don't care for reverse osomosis water. it is pure water but if you PH test it, it comes out acid. spring water will usually have a good PH to it (alkaline). also a good purifier that can purify tap water will produce good drinking water with a good PH. diseases,cancers,etc love an acid body.


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          There is one brand (comes in a gallon bottle) picutre of baby on lable. Made specifically for mixing formula. They sell it everywhere. Been about 7 years and for the life of me can't recall the brand. :confused: If she is really concerned...maybe try getting the ready made type. She could ship it ahead if her brand in not available in the US.
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            Hi Jan-

            There are so many brands to choose from. All the bottled waters I looked at today in the market have a list of contents on them, including sodium. So if she is looking for sodium-free, then all she has to do is look at the labels and they will tell her.

            It's hard to believe that some bottled water has sodium in it. There is such a fuss these days about carb counting and trying to eliminate all carbs, why shouldn't there be as big a fuss about adding sodium to all kinds of unnecessary things. No wonder we have so much high blood-pressure problems.


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              The only brand of spring water that has sodium

              around here is Dasani. And even that has very little, however I detected it the first time I drank a bottle of it. I would just buy the gallon bottles of spring water sold in every grocery store, and as others said, read the label.
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                Sodium Free Water

                Thank you everyone for the helpful advice which has all been passed to the babys mother,

                I was surprised too learn that bottled water contained sodium,
                We all know how dangerous sodium is for babies, so why do so many products contain sodium ?

                They thought of taking ready made cartons of formula, but..........when entering the USA you sign a declaration saying you are NOT bringing any fruit or dairy products into the USA.

                It is a relief for them to know that they will be able to get sodium free water

                Thanks again

                AVR on January 2nd 2002
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