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Best way to recover a swallowed crown ?

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  • Best way to recover a swallowed crown ?

    Eating some Mike-n-Ikes this afternoon when I suddenly realize a crowned molar is missing in my mouth ! Evidently I swallowed it :( So the most important question i have is that its small enough so that it should pass naturally correct ? Since its completely solid material its not going to break down in the digestive track. But if you eat nuts they sometimes don't breakdown either.

    So I did a quick read on the Internet and the suggestions I read are as follows :

    Find a sturdy bucket that can handle your body weight and use as commode
    Layout newspaper on the bathroom floor.
    using plastic knives you have to cut it up and teeny chunks to try and find the crown.

    I can't see myself going the newspaper route, my wife about dropped over dead in laughter when I told her about THAT suggestion.

    Anyone have any experience with this type of dilemma ? My wife has already said to just get a new crown. But if its a couple of hundred bucks I think Im gonna at least try to recover the original.

    Im still laughing over the thought of squatting over the newspaper. Any suggestions ?
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    Oh dear, the mental picture is troubling:eek: Rather than using knives can't you just, sort of, gently smoosh it & when you encounter something that doesn't smoosh, pick it out?:o

    But, I agree - for the money... unless you're homeowner's insurance would cover it?:p

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      I almost had the same thing happen to me summer before last but caught it right before I swallowed it. When I told my dentist that if I had swallowed it, I was going to retrieve it he said he would have given me another crown for free before he would have put that one back in my mouth. I really don't think I could have retrieved it anyway. Good luck with whatever you do.

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        I swallowed a crown once when eating a brownie. I now have a new crown. The old one is long gone and I never knew a thing about its departure. ;)
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          LOL! this mental picture is to much! I needed a good laugh! Good Luck to you!
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            A gold molar crown might be a quarter to a third of an ounce of gold... totally worth the dig. :D
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              ROTFLMAO- I work with a very frugal guy who this happened to. He went the bucket route. The denist triple sterilized the recovered crown for him before he glued it back in.
              However this guy made the mistake of telling us the story. W had great fun with it. We made a "Frugal Tooth" award from some plastic dog poo and a toy tooth and an old trophy.
              Avoiding the teasing from friends and family might be worth dollars for a new crown. Also, remember if you want your wife to kiss you without thinking of that tooth and where it has been . . .spend the money.

              My 2 cents. . .
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                Whether or not the crown was gold would have a definate impact on whether I would go through all that sh** to recover it! Even if I did recover it, I probably wouldn't be ablet o stomach putting it back in my mouth... if it were gold I might try to cash it in... =) but when all else fails, the bucket would work.. actually, if you are lucky you can get one of those plastic inserts for the toilet bowl from your doctor or local pharmacy/hospital. At least you'd be sitting more comfortably while piling up your work...
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                  I find this totally amusing,,,I am pretty sure I could not go through with the recovery.

                  Good Luck and lets us know how things work out!

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                    Oh my gosh! I needed a good laugh for the day. I can just see you now rummaging around in your "poop." What a picture! ! :D I lost a front crown some time back, in fact, it was gone when I woke up one morning. I didn't even think about looking for it. I figured it was long gone, even down the toliet! Of course, front crowns are not as expensive as molars. I used to work for a dentist so he always gave me a good deal. I can see if it was a gold crown, it also would probably be easier to spot.
                    Love and God Bless, Glenda

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                      Man, oh Man, this is a good one....
                      It should pass in a day or two, so it's not like you have to play with your poo forever. I would want to know that the darn thing passes and is not still stuck in some corner of your digestive tract.
                      Anyway, you could use a regular toilet and slip a plastic garbage bag over the bowl, take your dump, and then lift off the bag and its contents to search through outdoors or in the garage. I wonder if a magnet would help.
                      Good back to us.....we won't laugh......MUCH. ;)
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                        Well, on a purely practical level, you might want to go to the dollar store and get a colander to put in that bucket, or under yourself, or whatever.

                        I have on occasion washed dog manure into the lawn with a hose. You might be successful with running water and a colander. I don't want to speculate or even spend any time considering exactly what that would entail...

                        Best of luck,
                        Bob H

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                          You will keep us posted??? I'm dying to find out the 'end' result:D

                          I believe in small miracles.
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                            Good luck!!!

                            On the other hand, a funeral director once told me of a woman who died after having a tooth removed. Seems the tooth broke, she swallowed a piece, it went down the wrong way, she inhaled it & it started an infection in her lungs.

                            The funeral director handled the woman's service.

                            Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.
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                              Ok....Day 1 in the recovery luck. I grabbed my Lowe's bucket this morning, took care of business and then to the task of trying to find my crown. Needless to say when I came downstairs with a bucket of sh*t my wife b-lined to another section of the house.

                              I considered using a colander but didn't have one readily available when the time came to take care of business. I didn't think that taking the Pampered Chef colander would have gone over very well.

                              I've already left a msg with the dentist and will be calling them first thing tomorrow am. I really do want to know if I've passed it or not so I will attempt this process again tomorrow. But at this point I don't think I can go through with putting it back in my mouth. Everything very well might taste like crap going forward and I don't want to risk it
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