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Dr. James E. Davies @ UAB

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  • Dr. James E. Davies @ UAB

    My husband is scheduled for heart valve replacement surgery in January. He is 45 yrs. old and in good shape.
    Is anyone familiar with the surgeon and what can the "Significant Other" or in my case, the wife expect in the upcoming weeks? Overall, I have a peace about the surgery, it needs to be done. UAB has a wonderful reputation and Dr. Davies seems to have wonderful credentials. Guess I am just needing some reassurance.

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    I just want to welcome you to the FAMILY we are all brothers and sisters in OHS (open heart surgery) let us know the date and details that we can add him to the calendar so we will be with him in thought and spirit
    There are many members that have travelled this road ahead of you that will answer your specific questions and this will help with many of the terms used here
    Questions he may want to ask
    What he needs to take to the hospital
    How to prepare for homecoming patient

    All of this is around the board I just thought I would save you time

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      Thank you Greg. I appreciate you taking the time to gather the links.
      It's great to have a site available, to help those who are going through this procedure. Plus, for those who love someone, who is experiencing a full range of questions and emotions.
      Keith will be having surgery at the University of Alabama scheduled for January 15th.


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        on the calendar now so the team joins you and the Crimson Tide
        [CENTER][B][U]Live ,Love, Laugh
        It's all good[/U][/B]
        [SIZE="3"][B][U]READ ABOUT ME HERE [/U][/B][/SIZE]
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          Your husband should do fine, at 45 and in good shape. Better that he has the surgery before any permanent damage is done to his heart. His good physical condition should help to insure a good recovery. Poke around the pre and post surgery forums for lots of good information about how to prepare both you and your husband for the surgery, and what to expect afterward. See the "sticky's" at the top of the forums.

          Best wishes,

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            Been in your shoes

            Hello! I'm new to the board (actually to the site) and am also the 'significant other' as well. My guess is that you will find a lot of info here on the board, but I'm willing to share from my "wife" experience...

            My husband was 46 last year when he had his valve placed. What I remember most from the experience was the 'crabbiness' that set in about day 3 - what helped was to not take any of it personally - some of my hubby's comments were so uncharacteristic of him, and I had to realize it wasn't 'him' so to speak. Patience during this phase went a long way, for both of us (also practiced biting my tongue )

            I also found it extremely helpful to keep a notebook with me for questions and answers, concerns, etc. Also put important contact info here, med list, etc. Having everything in one place made life easier.

            Educating yourself and not being afraid to ask questions and asking for clarification was also important to us. The fact that you're out here suggests to me that information is important to you as well.

            That peace you write of is probably the most important - we believe that healthy healing has a lot to do with mind, body and spirit - keep the faith. I hope you continue to post and share your story. Will offer a prayer for you and your husband.



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              I found the following link from a Google Search for Dr. James E. Davies

              It appears that he is affiliated with UAB Medical WEST.
              I'm not familiar with that facility or Dr. Davies.

              The Primary Cardiothoracic Surgeons at the Main UAB Hospital in Downtown Birmingham are:
              Dr. James Kirklin (son of Dr. John Kirklin, deceased, for whom the Kirklin Clinic is named)
              Dr. David McGiffin (delightful Australian Surgeon from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
              Dr. Pajaro (recruited from Florida after the retirement of Dr. Pacifico)
              Dr. Athanasulias (recruited from another Birmingham Hospital - developed a special procedure for CHF)

              Drs. Kirklin and McGiffin are Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeons with LOTS of experience doing High Risk Surgeries. I'm not sure if the others do Transplants but I know they do Valve Surgeries.

              'AL Capshaw' (UAB AVR-'graduate')