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Low almost no salt "bacon"

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  • Low almost no salt "bacon"

    This would probably only work for those of you who have to be on an almost no sodium diet, but if you crave the bacon taste, it's pretty good.

    When I buy porkchops, I look for the ones which have the most fat. I trim that off with a tiny meat portion and slice it as thin as I can get it. Partial freezing helps. Then I put into a bowl and add some liquid smoke. Liquid smoke has a small amount of sodium, it's pretty powerful stuff so a little goes a long way. I let it refrigerate for a couple of hours. Then render it down slowly until it gets crispy like bacon.

    Joe had that this morning with some yeast blueberry pancakes, real maple syrup and no salt butter.

    I bet you could also make some Canadian bacon by slicing boneless porkchops really thin and then brushing with a little liquid smoke.

    With a poached egg, no salt Hollandaise (homemade) and some homemade no salt English muffins you have Eggs Benedict or in common parlance, an Egg McMuffin.

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    Nancy it sounds good. Though, you want to know something? Pork fat from chops or steak activates my gerd. Just this past weekend I had a small filet and was sure all fat was removed. It got me the next day on a long car ride. Fortunatley I was not driving. We were directly in front of an ER. Let me tell you, I felt like going on in! Another time it was so terrible we went to the ER. Felt like an elephant was sitting and crushing my chest. With a heart condition you cannot be too careful. It was real scary.

    I understand you have to be creative with Joe's meals and I commend you for that! On the flipside, I am the lady that needs to load on the salt to bring up low pressure. Could not believe my ears when the cardiologist informed me to do so. :eek:
    All the best,
    LuvMyBirman :)
    MVR, 3/99


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      Lucky you! Joe would switch with you in a second. But I bet you wouldn't want to switch with him. :p


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        Let's switch!

        Would not bother me Nancy. I do not care for salt one bit! My mother was recently staying over caring for our daughter and had to purchase salt for her use, LOL. She's bringing over her own shaker next time.

        When my pressure gets low.... I will much on salty pretzels or something of that sort;)
        All the best,
        LuvMyBirman :)
        MVR, 3/99


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          I just had a thought so I called one of the meat processing plants around here and you can buy fresh bacon. It is not cured at all. You might even be able to find some just smoked not cured. If you can't find it close to you let me know and I can get some and dry ice it to you over nite.

          Take care