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  • How long to wait?

    Hello everyone
    I used to post..and lurk early last year while I was waiting to be summoned for mitral valve surgery/repair. I am in the UK and,as you all know, our health system is very different to yours in the United States. My valvular heart disease is said to be in the medium severity range. I expected to have surgery last Sept BUT, in July, after I'd had an exceptionally high INR (over 10) - some of you might remember that post - It was discovered that I had been overdosed on Warfarin. Please don't be too shocked but I had not noticed that my prescription was wrong! While I was at the heart hospital for a pre-surgery day (at the other end of the UK from where I am) I had a PR bleed and was found to need urgent bowel surgery. Won't go into all that but things are much better now, eating well, putting on weight and outlook good. Now for the reason for this posting - Please let me have your opinions about how long I should wait before getting the heart surgery done. The surgeon said he would review me in three months from the surgery last Aug but I have not been in a rush as the bowel surgery was traumatic - in fact they say it is a bigger op than the heart job. Is the general opinion "sooner rather than later" - what do you think??

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    Wait till the surgeon has looked at your records and make his own opinion and why. Then you should come back and let us know what he has said. And then we can go on from there. We need to now how bad thingsare for you dear. Keep us updated and keep hanging in there.

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      I am with Caroline. Find out what the docs say and then decide then. I think that sooner rather than later is a good general rule, but not always realistic.

      I have heard the abdominal surgery is very painful. More so than open heart surgery.

      Good luck!


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        Hi Floral

        Glad to hear you are recovering from your bowel surgery. I think you're better to have your heart surgery sooner rather than later. The healthier your actual heart is the better. If you leave it too long then your heart enlarges and you will have more problems. I was told that my aortic valve was needing replaced but it was not an emergency. However they did say that I could wait a while but on the other hand my heart was in good condition and hadn't become enlarged so it was perhaps best to do it while I was still fit. The decision was up to me. The fitter you are before the surgery the quicker you recover. I decided to have the surgery. That was in September 2001 I saw the surgeon and I had my AVR on 7th January this year. I live in Scotland and had to go on the NHS waiting list. That's another reason why you should have it done a.s.a.p. as you don't know how long you will have to wait on the waiting list. I was quite lucky in that I only had to wait 4 months. They said it would probably be around springtime so I was surpirsed when they contacted me in December to come in and have it done in January. I'm now almost 10 weeks post op and am feeling great. Best wishes and hope you come to a decision soon.


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          Nice to see you Floral - been awhile.

          I have to agree with Peachy. Your UK system is not 'on demand' so maybe you better get in line now. Of course, you need to see your dr - can you up your appointment? Let us know what he/she says.

          So sorry you have had a tough time, but sounds like you are getting back to health again after surgery.

          God bless
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          No matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, enjoy every moment, every day. Blessins.........


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            Re How long to wait

            Thank you. Your kind thoughts are appreciated.
            I am seeing the cardiologist on Monday (not the one I would choose as he did my angiogram in early 2001 and it was an ordeal - no sedation and took an hour). The reason I was referred to him after the bowel surgery was that during the second surgery I was A-systole briefly so another 24 hour test was done and he will give his opinion on Monday. But I am on the list for the heart surgery and would have been done last Sept so I think the the surgeon would want me to be done quite soon in any case. We'll see! Diana


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              hi diana!
              glad to hear you are recovering from your abdominal surgery. too bad you have to go in for another big invasive surgery so soon. please let us know what the dr. says on monday.
              hope all goes well. God bless,
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