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wierd popping when i take deep breath

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  • wierd popping when i take deep breath

    its only been 7 days since my surgery and im feeling pretty descent i guess im walking talking and typing and taking it easy. Anyway im 23yr old male who had a aortic valve replacement with a mechanical and also had a aortic stem replacement. For some odd reason when I take a deep breathe i can feel my heartbeat like a popping sensation which stays constant with heartbeat like my heart is attached to something inside I can feel this all the way from bottom of sternum to the middle of my throat any suggestions or familiar stories welcome, and just would like to hear some more experiences with similar surgery such as post surgery and recovery stories. If it helps any if not a popping sensation then also like a pounding feeling.
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    Welcome to I am glad you made it through surgery and well into the recovery process.
    When you say "feel" a popping sound, are you talking about a sensation or is it something you hear? Is it possible you could be hearing the ticking of the valve?
    Since you mention it is constant with your heartbeat I am wondering if it is the valve sound you hear.
    You will find, by looking through the forums, that everyone is different in their recovery process and experiences. The one thing to remember is, whenever something occurs that you are really concerned about, it is always best to contact your doctor for guidance.
    Always, of course, feel free and encouraged to talk to us but, in the end, you may feel best reassuring yourself with your cardio or surgeon that what you are feeling is normal for you.
    Please remember to take it slowly. Rest, breathe, walk, breathe, rest and repeat. Those are your tasks for the next few weeks. If you follow that pattern, you will find your recovery easy and progressive.
    Don't - lift anything heavy, drive a car, dance the twist, bungie jump or hang glide until your surgeon gives you the OK.
    Hope this helps. Stay in touch.


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      to make clear on this its an actual feeling sensation inside my chest which can be felt with hand on chest and bottom of the throat


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        I have never had such a sensation. Maybe you will hear from others who have. I would definitely talk to your surgeon or cardio just to ease your mind but it could be your sternum healing or the like.
        Unless it is painful I would not worry too much but it would be interesting to find out what it is.


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          After surgery I felt things healing up inside, and sometimes there seemed to be attachments in the wrong places, which would come loose when I moved. Nothing serious, it's just a feeling I had.

          When I went to the cardiologist the first time after surgery, he asked if I liked my solid gold valve. I asked if my new valve was heavier than the rest of me, since it felt like it moved around more. There are some strange feelings, but the neatest is hearing the regular ticking, breathing regular breaths, living each day to the fullest.
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            Strange feelings

            I think I feel something similar. I've had a root, graft and a stJude valve. A big part of my aorta was replaced. I'm 1 week post op.

            Here's what I feel... When I breathe deep I sometimes feel like my lung is "stuck" on something right around where my heart would seem to be. (I'm guessing that's swelling for now)

            When I swallow I can feel my heart beat pounding in my throat making it feel strange to swallow. I can pretty much feel my heart beat all of the time and the clunkiness of the valve.

            I don't know if that's quite what you're feeling but thought I'd throw in what I felt just in case it was similar in some way.

            David C


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              It's best to ask your surgeon (or whatever doctor is overseeing your post-op care) about it but I suspect what you're feeling now may be temporary.

              Your heart's been through a lot and there's probably some swelling all over the place inside your chest. Over time, this will subside as well as that sensation.

              Pretty much everyone that gets an artificial valve will have some sort of an audible ticking sound. Every "brand" of valve sounds different, but they all bang away with your heart as it pumps and it's a sound that's VERY different than what people are used to.

              You may find that a lot of the people you are with will be able to hear it as well, not everyone, but most. My brother can hear it clearly enough, but his wife can't. She has some (minor) hearing loss (she's a school teacher) and I suspect she just can't hear in the frequency range that my heart ticks at...

              I can hear it any time I sit and focus on it, most of the time though now I'm not even aware of it. My wife is the same way, though when I got home from the hospital she couldn't sleep for about a week... =)


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                Hey Mustang - I think I missed your first post - but welcome to VR.

                The last thing they told me as I left the hospital was 'if you have ANY questions' call the office. I did that - got my questions answered immediately. You should do the same - even if you think it's not important to them, it's important to you. They can ease your mind. Course VR members do that, too.
                My philosophy:
                No matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, enjoy every moment, every day. Blessins.........