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I survived! So happy! :)

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  • I survived! So happy! :)

    A few weeks ago I posted about my anxiety about my 2nd open heart surgery. I am 30, a thriving medical student but had to go through a tough breakup with my fiancé after she wanted to part ways for various reasons. That said, I did well. 5 days after and I am alive.

    New Pulmonary valve (tissue bovine), repair work on the tricuspid leaflet, new RVOT reconstructive work.

    Im alive and well.

    Its funny how I used to think "my life is over, my fiancé left me", now I don't give two flying flips about it. Whatever woman wants me heart, will have to work work with as much as I want to love to be with her. During rehab my counselors me this and it hit me...

    ""You know Nauman, you came to us with with a broken heart. We happen to fix it for you. At one point, part of the process we had to stop your heart. But when it came to it, we told it to beat and it was up again. It did. It began to beat, so you know what, your heart wants to beat, it wants to live. So for what its worth, go on and live, your heart wants to live on and you should go ahead with your life and find that person willing to hold your heart and live for them. You have earned it, if not for anyone, atleast for your heart"

    I feel like nothing can break me now. God gave me a gift, I am not going to waste it on unworthy people.

    Thanks to you all for supporting me

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    Wonderful news that you've come through heart surgery with a much more positive view on life, and great confidence in your heart
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      Great news on your surgery and perspective on life! You are very wise in knowing that God did give you a very precious gift and the past is behind you. Live well.


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        As a survivor (of cancer and two valve replacements) - I have come to realize how short life if - I have always kept a positive attitude, I think it helps - everything for a reason....I know al of us here know what it means to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff.


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          Congratulations on two fronts, lifesaver! First - you've successfully completed surgery and entered rehab. That will get your body back on track to live the life you've been granted. Second - you have a GREAT attitude! That will take you far along life's pathways, and you've earned it.

          Remember. . . Life is not a spectator sport!
          Go Class of 2011!

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            I've often been struck by the gifts of OHS...the small changes to outlook will, on balance, make these twirls around the Sun far more rewarding and vivid. Many lose sight of relationship purpose, and get locked in on one person who just ain't right. I've been guilty of it as well. Good luck with your next one!


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              I hope you hold onto that happy feeling to sustain you through your recovery. I remember feeling exhilarated after almost dying with my heart/pregnancy/emergency C-section issue. For a couple of years I had a little round scar on my neck from where the Swann Ganz cath went in. I called it the "gratitude button." When getting through tough times those first two years with sickly, 27 week babies (and they were tough times), I could push the "button" and feel the relief and joy that we were all alive come rushing back. Best wishes for your recovery, your career and your love life. You've got another chance at all of them.
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                Awesome attitude and post! Congratulations and welcome to the other side
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                  What wonderful news and an inspiring perspective! Brightened my day just to read it. All best to you!
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                    well done fella ! glad you made it through OK


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                      Thank you everyone