On-X Aortic Heart Valves: Safer with Less Warfarin


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  • More post op surprises

    Hi. I'm just back from traveling to New Orleans for post-op with surgeon. I got pretty good news, and he even released me to drive after 4 weeks. He also released me from his care, and now I'm under the care of my cardiologist locally. We discussed the mechanical valve he put in, (the St. Jude regent). Today I go out and check the mail, and I receive a letter from Medtronic, stating that I have a Medtronic Open Pivot Valve, and a registration card. Needless to say, I was/am a bit stunned. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I know that sometimes one valve may be a better fit, but I was never notified of such. I've done no research on that brand, but I guess I will now. Thanks

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      Just about the same thing happened to me at Mayo. I asked the operating room nurse, right before they put me under, and she said they were putting a St. Jude in me. When I got the paperwork plus registration card I was surprised to see it was for an ON-X. Must have something to do with fit and size I assume???


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        A similar thing occurred with me on the NHS in the UK in my recent surgery. I was told all along that I would receive a St Judes Mechanical valve to replace my Aortic valve, but when I saw my hospital records it said Carbomedics carboseal. I guess it could be a number of factors really. As jwinter has mentioned, perhaps it was the size, or even the availability on that day. Either way, they all have really good outcomes and durability. Relax and enjoy life :-)
        First AVR aged 8, 2001, Ross Procedure. Second AVR aged 23, 2016, 27mm Carbomedics Carboseal valve with valsalva graft and 21mm RV-PA pulmonary conduit


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          They should tell you though.
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            Hi Zee - they should have given you a little card for you to carry around with the make and size of your valve and date of replacement. If they didn't chase it up !
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