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Anyone had experience with gallbladder surgery?

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  • Anyone had experience with gallbladder surgery?

    Well, it looks as though I may have a gallbladder surgery coming up.(yuck!) Seems I have all the symptoms. When I went in almost two years ago for my AVR they did an ultrasound of my liver, and discovered I had gallstones! Well I put it out of my mind of course. I've been getting symptoms on and off, for about a year. It's not getting any better,and this is the only option.

    Has anyone here had gallbladder surgery, after AVR? If so what was your experience? Also were you put on an antibiotic, beforehand? What type of tests did they do before the actual surgery? Was it Laprascopic surgery? (hope I'm spelling that right)

    Thanks for any info you can give me. It's greatly appreciated!

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    Well, I can't answer any question re: valve replacement people and having gallbladder surgery, but I can tell you about my gallbladder surgery. It went like clockwork. It was laparoscopic. I went in early in the morning, had surgery and went home the next day. I was sore but it was all tolerable and not bad at all and it was SO-o-o-o good to get rid of that little organ. Those attacks are terribly painful. I can't see the scars now.

    Good luck! I hope you have the same easy time of it that I did.


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      I had it before AVR. I had laparascopy. The only problem I had is I could not hold down the pain meds and really only needed something to take the edge off for a couple of days. I had mine out patient. As far as an antibiotic, I am not sure. To be honest, I don't remember if I had one before or not. Best of luck.
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        I had mine pre-VR earlier this year. I actually went in with symptoms that I thought were my valve going bad (terrible back pain between the shoulder blades). But it was a nasty gallbladder full of 70 small stones. With my severe AS, they were really worried about putting me under, so it was a day surgery in the regular ER just in case. I can tell you the surgery is a piece of cake. It is the best thing I did, though I agonized over it and considered trying the oil/lemon purges. Post surgery- I can't tell you how much better I feel. I didn't realize how ill I really was until the gall bladder was gone. They say you can't eat certain foods after the gall bladder is removed, but I have not found any limitations in what I eat post surgery. In fact a lot of my "icky" symptoms I thought was IBS went away. SO I say look forward to the surgery and enjoy the after effects. You're going to feel so much better. Good luck!!!
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          Like Nancy, mine wasn't after valve /heart surgery, but I had mine out a couple years ago. it was out patient/same day and laproscopic. The pain wasn't bad, but for some dumb reason, I didn't think it would hurt at all and made plans for the next day, that I ended up canceling, so it did hurt, really out of all the holes, the only one that hurt was the one in my belly button, I've since heard from others, that is the one that bothers them too. I didn't realize I had any problems with my GB, but had an ultrasound for my liver, becaue of bloodwork and they called the next day to tell me my GB needed to come out, that was the only test I had. After I was happy to find out alot of the problems I blamed on my reflux, went away.
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            My wife had her gallbladder removed via laproscopy but she's not a valver. She had an ultrasound of her liver, but it wasn't well visualized until the surgeon "got in there" with the laproscope and saw the bad stuff.

            They sent her home the same day but we ended up going back in that night because of tachycardia and weakness. Despite it being laproscopic, it still took the wind out of her sails for a couple weeks... but the incredible pain she was enduring before the surgery made it totally worth it. She's a-ok now... just a hint of pain maybe once every couple months. She's not even sure if it's her gallbladder.
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              Sorry to hear that you will have to have gallbladder surgery Kathy but it will not be near as hard as going thru OHS, of that you can be assured!

              My husband had his gallbladder removed laprascopically, several years ago, without any complications along with a good & short recovery period.

              Make sure that you let your cardio know, if you haven't already, that you're having this surgery too.

              Wishing you the very best!
              Best Regards,
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                Hi Kathy,

                I had my Gallbladder removed during Sept. 2006 and what was supposed to be an almost painless op and laparoscopically done, almost cost me my life. 5 days after my surgery I had complications and my liver almost "exploded" and they had to fix it with an ERCP procedure. Then I had pancreatic-infection for almost 2 weeks...

                Well, to cut a long story short: if you have no complications, then it should be an almost Painless operation and you can go home the next day.

                But I think 99% of all Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery are done without having complications.

                Your Surgeon will just have to keep an eye on your INR levels and make sure that you take antibiotics (preferably IV and then pills) for a few days afterwards.

                All the best and I am sure your surgery will be without complications.
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                  Had mine out before the 'new' surgery came about. lucky y'all. brother had his out the 'new' way and was out the next day; this being within a month of having one of his kidneys out. He did really well and no complaints. Wishing you all the very best, Kathy. Blessins.......
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                    Originally posted by Kathy McCain View Post
                    Has anyone here had gallbladder surgery, after AVR? If so what was your experience? Also were you put on an antibiotic, beforehand? What type of tests did they do before the actual surgery? Was it Laprascopic surgery? (hope I'm spelling that right)
                    *raises hand*

                    I had gallbladder surgery in December 2005, about 3 years after my last OHS (January 2003). It was laproscopic, and followed a month-long testing ritual to figure out what the problem was. I don't remember all of the tests, but I was out of work that entire month. They kept me in overnight ... and sent me home on New Year's Eve! Compared to OHS, it was a piece of cake ... lol.

                    GOOD LUCK, Kathy ... thoughts/prayers coming your way....

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                      Mine was the other extreme (from everybody other than Smiley), because I had the surgery 21 days after getting out of the hospital for my VR (where I had spent 6 wks in ICU & 2 weeks in recovery). A mere 10 days for the gall bladder, full-incision surgery. I blame most of the extended time on the hospital & possible malpractice, but apparently by gb was gangrenous, hence the inability to do a laparoscopic porcedure.
                      In any case, today I truly suffer from no gall bladder symptoms, other than possibly feeling very, very slightly nauseous when I eat certain foods. Get it over with and you'll feel like a new person.

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                        Hi All,

                        Just want to say I'm kind of surprised at all the responses. I guess this surgery is more common then I thought!

                        Sorry Jess and Smiley that you had such a tough time!

                        Anway, very greatfull to all my valve friends who have responded. It's really kind of got me down!


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                          Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery...I had it before my heart surgery. It was really no big deal, I was eating Chinese food the same night and taking Vicoden. Hope all goes well for you!
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