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  • incision site abscess


    just a little question....
    Has anyone experienced an abscess under the incision???
    Jon has two times now. The first one was under the skin, not obvious, just "tight" and red around the side. He went to his PMD, got antibiotics, and then it ruptured later that day. We went to the ER and he got IV therapy. They cultured it and it was negative for VRE or MRSA, *whew!*

    So after that treatment, it healed well and we thought it was done. But last night, he was at home and it opened and drained again! Back to the doctor for more antibiotics.

    I was just curious if anyone else has had this happen. Its a little worrisome having it right over the heart, just under incision, especially because it goes without being noticed until it ruptures.

    Thanks :D
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    It could be a suture trying to work it's way out or one of the sternal wires may be causing an irritation. I would definetly stay on top of it don't want that infection to become a real problem. I developed an infection several weeks out and my cardio slapped me in the hospital so fast I didn't have time to even realize what was going on. You may need to get an Infectious Disease Dr. on board to get it cleared up.

    Good luck.

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      glad to know you are asking questions and intend to stay on top of it. you don't want to let this go on.

      I had an infection in my leg where they took out the saphenous vein for bypass. It was caused by stitch that was under the skin. My dr removed it, gave me antibiotics and it cleared up until another did the same thing. after that all was well.
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        I had a small infection at the base of my incision my first OHS. A long course of antibiotics but it cleared fine.

        By all means stay on top of this. Don't put off having it looked at again.

        Good luck. Hope the next round of antibiotics knocks it out.


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          They may not be treating it with the proper antibiotics. What is/was he taking before the IV stuff?


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            Sure. I have had several, due to ingrown hairs returning to my chest. The first one happened about six weeks after surgery and my surgeon suggested that I use a magnifying mirror to spot the hair follicles and pull them out with clean tweezers. I had another last week, and I think it may be my last, knock on wood.

            Not a huge deal, but kind of a pain to deal with, since they burst and bleed sometimes if you stretch the skin. Without a cover they will stain a shirt and look kind of gross.

            Keep it clean; if you can find the hair and pull it from the root, do that; use a topical cleaner like alcohol (only stings for a minute) or betadine; and cover it with a band aid.
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              so we had the follow up at stanford and it was a suture abscess.
              Happy Thanksgiving everyone :D and we will write a detailed thread letting you know our experience with everything.

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