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Healing the long scar from Open heart surgery

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  • Healing the long scar from Open heart surgery

    Hi, I am only out of open heart surgery a little less than a month. I still have the pain, but I know that that will eventually go. And I am still pretty tired. I had a mitral valve replacement with a pig valve. I had heard from someone who had had this surgery that putting Vitamin E oil on the scar several times a day for a while could lighten it. I was wondering if any of you had used this, or other things to lighten your scar, and at what point did you begin? I know that it is generally stated that the breastbone takes about six weeks to heal. Initially the doctors say that you shouldn't put any lotions on your incision until it is all healed up to avoid contamination. I would love to hear from you about your successes with doing this, and especially from women, since they often wear tops with V necklines.

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    the scar issue comes up from time to time and we discuss itl. We've tried everything, including vit e, but I don't believe anything has been successful. I had surgery 7 yrs ago and with time, the scar fades and you can't see it much. For about a year it's pretty purple,tho and then fades out gradually. Others might have other ideas and they will be along soon.
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      I used vitamin E after about 5 weeks. I don't know if it did anything. The bottom inch or two is still read and bumpy (it's over 16 months now). I am now putting a Cica-care silicone patch on it, but I won't know for a couple of months whether it is working or not. The top is not too bad. What I do if I wear V-necks is wear necklaces that hide it. I never used to be much into jewelry. Now, I am constantly buying some sort of necklace that hangs down over the scar!!
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        I had a different surgery last July and put vit E oil on the scars. Now they are almost gone/white. I'm 6 1/2 weeks out of surgery and have been applying E oil for the last 3 weeks. My scar has reduced it's bumpyness but is still pink. I totally believe in the oil!


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          Yep - vitamin E oil - swear by it.