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Most Comfortable Clothes for a woman to wear after OH Surgery?

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  • Most Comfortable Clothes for a woman to wear after OH Surgery?

    Howdy, Y'all.

    I am seeking suggestions as to comfortable clothes to wear after my open heart surgery. i.e. underwear, husband's big shirts, etc? We will travel by car and I want to be as comfortable as possible. Any specifics would be greatly appreciated. :D


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    Sweat pants with a tie waist so you can wear them as loose as possible. Shirts that are very loose and do not require over the head access as that can be uncomfortable.

    In other words - men's pajamas. :D :D :D

    Good luck.


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      Prior to our daughter's surgery, I bought her jammies -- thinking the button down the front would be easiest for her. She did wear a big button down the front shirt/sweat pants home from the hospital. She did not wear the jammies, as she was more comfortable in stretched-out t-shirts. The bra is a problem. She wore a jogging bra for a long time after surgery. Her incision was a right mini thorocotomy (cannot spell that word) so she did not want to wear underwire bra.


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        I forgot about the bra. Didn't wear one for the first 6 weeks or so. However, I am not particularly well-endowed (alright, alright :o ;) :rolleyes: ) so it was not a problem for me from a comfort level.

        If you can get away without a bra, you definitely should.


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          Maybe Ross won't be able to resist remarking on your last post. Maybe we should try some underhanded tactics to get him back on and posting
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            Originally posted by terryj
            Maybe Ross won't be able to resist remarking on your last post. Maybe we should try some underhanded tactics to get him back on and posting
            I am trying EVERYTHING I can think of - maybe another sex thread will work. :confused: :D :D


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              Originally posted by geebee
              I am not particularly well-endowed (alright, alright :o ;) :rolleyes: )
              Could have fooled me.


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                I knew sex talk would bring Ross out of hiding. Even aliens like sex. Or so I've heard
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                  O.K. silly people. Lets keep this thread moving as intended and not let me interrupt it. ;)


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                    Sorry for the distraction Liz but we were looking for a way to get Ross out of the shadows. Thanks for being the catalyst.

                    Anyway, basically it is important to wear clothes that are not tight fitting ANYWHERE and I found pull over shirts difficult. That may vary from person to person but better to have the easy stuff available - just in case.

                    I went home in my robe and PJs. I didn't care what anyone thought. I also wore my slippers as my feet were swollen but I think that is rare. Slip on shoes are a must because you don't want to have to reach down to tie shoes.

                    Go shopping - it will be a way to treat yourself. :D :D


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                      If your husband has any of those tasteless, machine-washable, silk camp shirts, they are very good for not rubbing on things and don't encourage infection. Fortunately, I had a large supply of offensively tasteless, Hawaiianesque silk camp shirts, and used them exclusively.

                      Best wishes,
                      Bob H

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                        While in the hospital, they gave me a heart shaped pillow to "hold on" when coughing. I found it very useful for separating my chest from the seatbelt while riding or driving. I haven't been able to find a comfortable shirt-seatbelt combo but the pillow under the belt works with any shirt. It is also already in place when a cough or sneeze comes up. OUCH!!!


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                          I didn't wear a bra for the first 6 weeks either. I'm sure I looked like a shameless hussy while out on my daily walks, but I figured oh well.

                          I bought button down pajamas, too, but found that within not too long I could pull things over my head (t-shirts) and be just as comfortable.

                          For the car ride, I'd suggest pillows to rest under either arm and to place wherever else you're feeling like you need a little more support.


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                            Undershirts. That's what I wore, like those ones when you are just starting to develope. My mom brought out a bunch and that's what I wore under my clothes. It worked.
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                              I just had OHS in June so being fresh on this subject ill tell you what has worked wonders for me.. I went and bought a bunch of tank-tops with the built in bra. They have worked awesome!! Wearing a regular bra was wayy tooo much, but putting on the tank hasnt been a problem. Just buy it big enough so you dont have to stretch it.. thats what i did anyways!

                              I found big loose tank-tops (without the bra) in the hospital were awesome too. I was kinda lucky. Instead of iv's they put in a central line in my neck. Thats where they put all the meds and took out all the blood (i highly recomend it!! it was so much easier for ME to have it in.. Didnt have to be pricked in the arm everytime they wanted blood. But thats MY experience) Anyways since no iv's in the arm, i was able to wear tanks and stuff. It was nice.

                              And flip flops on my feet were great!! easy to slip on and off.. Right now is a nice season to find a lot of capree pants on sale. They were great comfort while lying in the bed.
                              You also might want to think about bringing toothpast,toothbrush and your own shampoo!!! And a nice lotion for your legs. As laying there for a few days my legs got really dry. Having my own stuff made me feel much better too!! And it always works MUCH better than that darn hospital stuff!

                              And definately prop yourself up with lots of pillows on the way home. I needed one under both arms, and one to squeeze!!

                              Anyways that was what worked for me!!
                              Best of luck