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How can I get an INR machine for hubby?

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  • How can I get an INR machine for hubby?

    He is home from valve replacement surgery almost 2 weeks ago.

    I am a nurse, BTW would like to have the home machine to be able to safely monitor his INR's between lab sticks.

    Any input would be appreciated. I will call Anthem this week but wondered if insurance pays for all or part of it and the sticks.

    Thanks a bunch,

    Nascarfan (the wife of)

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    Hello and welcome to VR, wife of nascarfan

    I'll give you a link to QAS/home test med. There is all the information and a link inside to download the forms for your Doctor and Insurance. They go out of the way to help you in securing the unit, including appeals if necessary. You can read all the info and download the forms from the link below:

    Michele is one of the representives and is occasionally in this forum to help people also. If you have more questions, just post them and we'll try to get you fixed up.


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      Thanks Ross

      I did call the insurance co; sounds like he does have coverage. Now to get the Doc to complete the required paperwork!

      Thanks for your help. Now we are just working on getting his INR's in shape. Today's was too low thanks to the clinic not ordering daily protimes last week. (The surgeon told me in the hospital that's what he wanted.) Soo, now he gets to take Lovonox injections along with daily protimes. Ouch-- if they had just listened to me last week. Poor hubby.

      I can't wait to get our own machine. Like you all say, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE. Sad, but oh, so true!!

      nascarfan wife


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        We have to be our own advocates as these doctors (Most of them anyway) are doing things from days gone by that no longer apply and have been updated to current times. One thing that concerns me, Lovenox and Coumadin together. I think he's going to chase his INR around for awhile, so when he gets in range and stops the Lovenox, he'll seesaw back and forth until it stabilizes. Just make sure he's consistent in his diet and you might want to consider ordering The Coumadin Cookbook, as this will certainly keep him closer to his range. I know I've tried to keep my diet consistent and it's just not happening, so I'm off to to order mine. It's $11.87, money well spent. Hopefully, this link will work.

        If you need anything else or he has questions, just get him on here and we'll be glad to have him as part of the family here. That goes for you too!


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          Got the Protime Machine ordered and the cookbook

          Thanks for the info Ross. I downloaded the needed forms and brought them to the doc's Monday. They filled them out, I faxed them and hopefully within "3 weeks to three months" we will be set. I can't wait. We are nervously awaiting his INR Fri. It dipped low and now with the shots and Warfarin combined-well, we'll see. They said the INR wouldn't reflect the Lovenox in his blood.

          How often do you recommend home testing once he is stable?

          Nascarfan says he will post later; he isn't up to it now. I think it is a lot for him to absorb at once. His surgery came quick-within a week and a half of the caths and echo. Then to come home and deal with diet changes, new meds, screwups by our trusted medical personnel ; and now says he feels like a pincushion.

          I know, it's all in a day's work for a Coume guy (or gal)!!

          Being an RN I knew some of what was down the pike, but you must admit, it is a big adjustment. I feel more peace of mind just knowing there is a site available for us.

          Nascarfan (wife of)


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            Once he's stable, perhaps once a week or less. I don't have the machine myself because my Doctor isn't convinced that they are accurate even though I have the statistics to prove otherwise, so I'll leave the testing question for those that do have them. I'd like to have one myself. My veins are about shot from all the needle pricks and it's getting harder and harder to hit them, more painful too. I fully understand how your husband feels!


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              I was the first person to ask for my insurance to pay for this type of machine. They looked into it and said if my Dr said it was medically necessary then they would probably pay all but 10% for it and the supplies needed.
              I then called QAS and talked to Lance who did the rest.
              They get the Dr instructions and call the insurance co and then I was notified that it was covered.


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                INR Machine

                Hi all,

                Michele from QAS here. If someone is interested in the ProTime monitor. All they have to do is give me a call at 1-800-298-4515, x2616 we get your doctor's information from you, your insurance information and then fax over to your doctor all the appropriate forms that are needed to get an approval for you from your insurance. We will even work on an appeals process for you if your insurance is denied. That's what we call "One-Stop" shopping. Thanks.


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                  Thanks for the quick reply. I am near Annapolis and then further away is Baltimore. I just dont know what to do. On top of that I have hot flashes because, even though I have been on it 9 years, since my hyster, my gyne wont let me be on estrogen with warfarin.
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