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Odd vibrating sensation pre-AVR

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  • Odd vibrating sensation pre-AVR

    Hi all.

    For about two years now I've had a vibrating sensation that I feel to the left of center in my trunk, anywhere from my left shoulder blade to my low back. It even seems to extend into my left leg a lot of the time. I feel it more in my back than in my front and I feel it almost constantly.

    This feeling, which you might also call a buzzing sensation or a tingling, started up about the time my aortic valve took a nose-dive.

    My cardiologist is never too worried about it, says it's probably due to the valve creating a "harmonic" that travels down the aorta. Like a reverberation, I guess.

    My LVEDD is about 6.2 (and has held here for about two years) and my aortic root is dilated (don't have the measurement for this, but I just found out about the dilatation and am trying to get specifics). I also have a slight coarctation of the aorta.

    I'm due for AVR as soon as my LVEDD gets a bit bigger and/or the aortic root dilatation hits surgical parameters (what are those parameters for the aortic root, anyway? 5 or 5.5 cm, same as for the aorta itself?).

    But here's my real question: Did any of you other aortic regurgitation/bicupsid/aortic root dilatation folks experience a similar vibrating sensation prior to AVR? And if so, did it go away after AVR? And do you think that even though I'm not classically "symptomatic" (shortness of breath, fatigue, fainting, etc.) yet, that this vibrating sensation is in fact a symptom and could indicate that my condition is worse than the numbers would indicate? (I worry about dissection...)

    Thanks for indulging my weird symptom question...

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    Weird vibration

    My feeling was not a vibration, but a feeling sort of like an electrical shock throughout my entire body. Funny how the medical books never mention any of these "weird" feelings! I had these feelings before my AVR, and they went away after the AVR. I also experienced a lot of shart pains in my left wrist, and a sensation of pain under the fingernails of my right hand , but it all went away after my surgery. By the way, several people I have talked to or heard of have had wrist pain, even a man who had a heart attack, and that was his only symptom. Maybe I'm just wired weird!!!!! LOL!


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      Hey Karla,
      It is good to hear from you. You missed a Great reunion in Colo. wished you could of made it.
      As far as the symptoms you are having, I never had that, but did have more like a pressure on my chest and that went away after my surgery.
      Take Care
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