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    These last two weeks Iíve started having regular extra beats to a point where every other beat is a extra beat which feels very uncomfortable, Iím a year out of surgery so Iím suprised I havenít had many before . I would love to hear of any of your experiences or views on the matter . Many thanks Paul 1972

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    I understand its not uncommon ... perhaps you even had it before surgery but just didn't notice for one reason or another

    I get them sometimes still too and its been 7 years since my last OHS

    I'd also discuss it with your cardio at next appointment just to be sure

    Best Wishes


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      Your description of it being every other beat sounds a lot like Bigeminy.
      I had this type of heart beat before my first surgery when my heart was enlarged and I was suffering from class IV heart failure.
      Every normal heart beat was followed quickly with what felt like a weaker second beat. The normal heart beats were at normal rhythm.
      My bigeminy resolved within days of surgery and my heart starting to remodel back to normal.
      I have never experienced it again in the 14 years since.
      I have attached a link explaining bigeminy.

      I would mention it to you cardio at the next visit


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        Hi Paul1972, I had a few noticeable PVCs before my surgery (almost 5 years out now), probably a lot I did not notice, and a lot more since. Most times I couldn't get them to happen in the doc's office but as they became more prevalent he was able to record them. PVCs (apparently a type of bigeminy) are by and large benign and my doc said as much to me. They are a ventricular phenomenon while aFib is atrial. I have had an episode or two where I also was getting them almost constantly. The second to last time the doc wanted me to ride it out a bit and it just so happened I was about to go on a trip from the busy city with my wife and kids to visit my parents who live in the woods. It was a wonderfully relaxing time. Good food, wine and lots of time to relax and talk. With in a day the PVCs had all but gone. So, for me, stress and finding time to reset are essential. The second time, my cardio's nurse gave me some medication. I take metoprolol succinate (long acting), 75mg/d. She prescribed some metoprolol tartrate (short acting), for which I took 25mg/6h overnight and into the next day. That took care of the PVCs, and I phased off it the tartrate in another day or so. Annoyingly, I've had less since I stopped exercising consistently (read, "pretty much at all, if i'm being honest".) and I fear that exercise might exacerbate the misbeats. I'm sure my cardio would say that I shouldn't let it deter me.

        So, just some food for though. PCVs from stress are a stressor themselves and can be a vicious cycle. Some people like to meditate, though I like to pray. Whatever you do, take time settle down. It may not stop them during a flurry of them, but I believe that over time it cumulatively will help. It's important to note that this is all anecdotal and I have absolutely no idea of what I'm talking about.
        Surgery date: Nov 5, 2013. (Guy Fawkes Day!)
        AVR with Epic tissue valve; Repair 5.3cm aneurysm in proximal arch with Dacron graft.
        Status: still alive, life back to normal.


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          Cheers all for taking time out to give me your advise itís much appreciated. Iíve managed to get to see my cardiologist in 5 weeks time so Hopfully they will get to the bottom of my palpatations,they can be every other beat at times especially when Iíve had a rest at work and then restart. Iíve also had times where I can hear my valve just clicking away as if every beat is misfiring which shows on my wireless ecg monitor which I have purchased. I will show my cardiologist these details Hopfully he wonít mind!! . Regards Paul1972


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            Paul1972 So glad that you was able to get an appointment to see your cardio. Always if there is anything unusual, call the doctor and get see. Sorry about the long wait but as long as you feel good with this doctor, go for it. Be sure to keep us updated. Good luck.