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  • Extra beats

    These last two weeks Iíve started having regular extra beats to a point where every other beat is a extra beat which feels very uncomfortable, Iím a year out of surgery so Iím suprised I havenít had many before . I would love to hear of any of your experiences or views on the matter . Many thanks Paul 1972

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    This just happened to me. I am three years out. I happened to have an appointment with my cardio so asked him. In my case, he said it wasnít a big deal.


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      From your description it sounds like the bigeminy that I experienced in the final months leading to my first surgery when my heart was enlarged and I was in class III and later class IV heart failure.
      The heart was in normal rhythm however every normal beat was immediately followed by a weaker second beat.
      The problem was resolved within days of surgery as my heart started to remodel back to normal.
      I have never experienced this again in the 14 years since my first surgery.
      Below is a like explaining bigeminy.

      You should mention this abnormal heart beat to your cardio at your next visit.

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