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  • Right bundle branch block

    Well, supposed to have the tavr because of not being able to get a on x right now due to several other surgeries skull related, and it would be a redo for another tissue valve, I have right bundle branch block, just found out that right bundle branch block is not good with tavr. Not many tavr people to talk to about it. Anyone know anything about this?

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    are you talking about the aortic arch?

    This anatomy?

    I have this


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      Thanks Pellicle, It is the electrical part of the heart, the conduction system, there is right and left bundle branch block. Left being worse. I read where it doesn't mix well with tavr, but no one mentioned it. Just read it on my own. I wish I knew how to post what I read on here, but don't know how. Now it's kind of scary because if you get a complete heart block with tavr, will you just not make it?


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        Originally posted by alpha 1 View Post
        Thanks Pellicle, It is the electrical part of the heart, the conduction system, there is right and left bundle branch block....
        You mean the nerves right?

        If you figure out how to share what you read I'd be keen to read it too


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          Get some more opinions alpha.
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            after my avr 9yrs ago I was found to have lbbb, nobody who ive seen since seems over fussed about it other than the fact I have to tell staff who arnt aware of it when I have a ecg about it, good luck with yours
            had avr replacement feb 2008 tissue valve fitted have got a nice porky pig one so no bacon for me ha ha,on hbp tabs and beta blockers,


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              alpha 1, to insert a link:

              2. Go to the website you want to link to and highlight the URL in the bar then press Ctrl C to copy the address.
              3. Go to the message you want to reply to in the Valve forum, click reply then click the blue paper clip (circled in red in the picture) and a box will open (red triangle). Put your cursor in that box after the http:// and press Ctrl V to paste the URL you copied. Press Add Link and your link will upload.

              Hope that helps.

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                Thanks you guys, the right bundle branch block isn't a problem either, probably like your lbbb Neil, I read it just doesn't mix well with the tavr so now it's bugging me, why wouldn't the drs bring it up if it is a problem. I'm 37 and have enough issues. I want to get more opinions like Agian said, I'm just running out of time. I will try to follow Hunnybunnys directions to put it on here, not too good but I will try. Thanks everyone. I was just trying to buy some time with tavr, thought it was a good thing, to get my other surgeries done, then maybe I could get the on x.


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                  I have been astounded by what cardio docs DON'T know, sometimes. Found an article about coronary artery calcium recently that had registered (docs-only) comments, and it was almost scary how many of the commenting docs just didn't have a clue about some really basic stuff; some of them were stuck in 2005 and I have already met with two local docs who were similarly unaware.

                  Can't say much other than maybe to track down the author of whatever you read and see if they'd be kind enough to answer some questions, or direct you to a reputable doc who could.

                  TAVR is getting a lot of attention lately, but I think most of that is WRT the patient population who have been given TAVR, and that is mostly frail elderly people. For them, TAVR is a real godsend. But for the rest of us -- well, there's a lot we don't know yet.


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                    What does your surgeon say about the race and the bundle block? Where are you looking to have the surgery done and by whom?
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                      Sorry I was out of town for testing. Cleveland. The interventional cardiologist is supposed to be really good. I'd probably rather have the surgery but don't want surgery after surgery as it gets worse with time seemed like tavr was the way to go till I found out about this bundle branch block and pacemakers. I'm gonna try to post what I found since I am home. I will try to get it on here Hunnybunny gave me directions.