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Question...if you are on warfarin can you take any cold or flu OTC meds?

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  • Question...if you are on warfarin can you take any cold or flu OTC meds?

    With my little set back of pneumonia and slight lung issue I have thought of what OTC medication can be used to treat the common cold or the flu?

    Since this came to me after the seeing the surgeon today I will ask my cardio next week. Now I'm on antibotics so it's not an issue but what about a common ailment. I was hoping to get some feedback from those of you that have been on the warfarin for a while so I can stock up my medicine for what I can take as opposed to the usual OTC that I keen on hand. I've done a little on line research and Im more confused than when I started.


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    I take Claritin during the day and Dristan at bedtime.
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      When I feel a cold coming on, I always take super echinacea and astragalus liquid. Never had a problem with my INR.
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        Most, but not all, OTC meds can be taken by warfarin users. I have found that a licensed pharmacist is a good source for advice on possible interactions or potential INR problems.
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          You can. You just have to make sure it doesn't have aspirin or any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in it like ibuprofen. Unless you're also on blood-pressure medication, then you have to stay away from decongestants such as pseudoephederine and phenylephrine.*

          *per my lovely wife and licensed pharmacist.
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            Thank you all so much.


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              Jen, sometimes the best approach is to take only a single action type of med;
              for example if you would be coughing up phlegm, then take an expectorant. If you would be having a
              dry hacking cough, then a cough suppressant may be taken.
              Decongestants are to be taken with caution if you are on any BP or BB meds, not a good mix.
              Any multi-symptom cold meds usually have Aspirin or Ibuprofen, watch out for those with warfarin.
              My doc and pharmacist have given the same cautions but I haven't needed any cold meds, thankfully.
              You may want to keep a supply of lemon herbal tissane and a nice jar of honey on hand. So good anytime
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