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Toprol and short-term memory loss

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  • Toprol and short-term memory loss

    I started taking Toprol 25 mg just this past week for afib. Was concerned about being tired on it, but in fact was kind of liking how it steadied out my heart rate. I feel it almost made me less tired without the crazy rapid heartbeats wearing me out. Anyhow, this afternoon I was out with my kids and my memory started getting really foggy. I just wasn't feeling right. One of them mentioned my birthday last weekend, and at that moment I couldn't even remember that it had been my birthday at all. Stayed calm and got them home, then went and told my husband. It was really scary b/c I could not remember my birthday or what I had done earlier in the day. He was calm and talked me through it, eventually it started coming back to me. I did some research on Toprol and saw that it has been reported to cause short-term memory loss in some people. I am pretty med-sensitive; seems like if there is some weird side effect, I will get it! My husband thinks I should stop taking it, have to go to work tomorrow and out to the airport. Of course I will ask my dr. about it as well, just wondering if anyone here has had any type of similar experience.
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    My short term memory was hopeless when I was taking Metoprolol; I thought I was getting Alzheimer’s in my early forties.
    Some days were worse than others, on a bad day I couldn't read a page of a document and tell you what the first paragraph was about by the time I had finished the page.
    I got to the stage of writing myself notes so I wouldn't forget important things that needed to be done.
    This being said I found Carvedilol even worse than Metoprolol.
    I was pleased to discontinue beta blockers 15 months post surgery after my heart remodelled. I would require a very convincing argument to go on them indefinitely.
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      Thank you for sharing, it really scared me until I read up on it, but even better that someone actually says this happened to them as well (though sorry it did). Glad you don't have to take it anymore!
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        Does this affect apply to all beta blockers? I've felt a little more alert and "with it" since I stopped taking Altenolol, but that may be a coincidence.
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          Originally posted by OldManEmu View Post
          This being said I found Carvedilol even worse than Metoprolol..
          Carvedilol is not cardioselective at all, and metoprolol is, which in my opinion would account for why you felt worse on the Carvedilol.

          Halley: I feel pretty strongly that you should not discontinue beta blockers unless there's a very good reason for it. They have proven survival benefits in study after study. They significantly increase a person's lifespan with valvular/heart disease. There's also many reports of people having fatal or near fatal episodes shortly after discontinuing them. Being that you feel less fatigued after starting them, I think it's unwise to not take them.

          Try talking to your doctor about a newer beta blocker with a lower side effect profile. Perhaps mention that you'd like to try a more cardioselective bb.

          I've been on Tenormin and/or Bystolic for 7 years. I do not in any way enjoy the side effects, but I strongly believe I would not be here today to enjoy my family if it weren't for the beta blockers. The search for a more perfect beta blocker is difficult, but when you find something more acceptable it's rewarding.
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            My short term memory is lousy...I am 51 and take Meto 56 mg per day.
            Husband's memory is crappy too....he is 49, no meds, but may be naturally stunned. ;) ;)
            For many of us it is a mid-life thing to deal with, perhaps the BB exacerbates it though.?
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              I take Metoprolol 50mg twice a day and...wait what were we talking about? ;)

              But seriously I have noticed some short term memory problems since being on it, but then again I've been on it for 7 years so I was never sure if it was the Metoprolol, getting older, or a combination of the two. I went to my cardiologist appointment on 11/9 and they made a follow-up appointment in February and a surgical consult (yuck) on 11/19. The surgical consult was at 11:30AM and the February appointment was at 1:30PM. I showed up for the surgical consult at 1:30PM. :rolleyes:

              I had A-Flutter this spring/summer and they had me on a large dose of Cardizem and upped my Lopressor (metoprolol/toprol) from 25mg twice a day to 50mg twice a day. It did help with my heart rate (from 135bpm to about 120bpm) but I felt like I was in a fog all of the time. I had a catheter ablation that corrected the problem but I still have other issues (see surgical consult) so I am on Enalapril 10mg twice daily and Metoprolol 50mg twice daily to try and slow down the progression of my dilated aortic root and ascending aorta. Sometimes you have to weigh the benefit of the drug versus the side effects it causes. A-Fib and A-Flutter can be very dangerous so if a drug can help regulate your heartbeat then putting up with the side effects is probably worth it.

              Just one other thought and not to scare you but both A-Fib and A-Flutter can cause blood clots. The first time I went into the hospital they had to abort the procedure because they found a blood clot in my heart. If a tiny piece of a blood clot broke free it could cause what is known as a TIA which could produce the same symptoms that you experienced if the onset was sudden. If you have A-Fib I am hoping and assuming that you are on Warfarin (Coumadin).
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                Bryan, yes I am on coumadin for my valve (and now the a fib of course) and I did think of that, was a little fearful it was a stroke coming on. Have been OK since yesterday, knock wood! Thanks to all for the input, I have a lot of research to do on different meds, TIAs, PVCs... I don't know about any of it! But it has all been very helpful and appreciated.
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                  Don't freak out...but don't so easily dismiss it either. I have had at least three "embolic events" that I know of. At the time, didn't think much of it, nor did anyone else, but I'm now on Coumadin too. I had transient loss of vision in left eye as well as other stroke like symptoms. In fact, this was one of the main reasons for my going to Mayo...because of the neurological symptoms, I thought it possible I could have multiple sclerosis, as I have an aunt with it, but both neurologists said no, that it was vascular/valve related and said I needed to be on a blood thinner. As you know, I had a repair...didn't think I needed coumadin, but it turns out the ring is too tight/too small and is causing stenosis as well as PH. You just never know? And as I've found out as of late, neither do some doctors. BTW, Happy belated Birthday! (I have to get back on facebook...I feel so disconnected!) Take care of you - Dee
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                    I have taken Toprol since my OHS 4 years ago, and it definitely causes me memory issues. I was taking 200 mg. and the memory issues were really bad. About a year ago, I backed down to 100 mg and added diltiazem which helped both my chest pain and the memory issues. I am still experiencing some memory loss. I have just learned to deal with it as I need the BB more.


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                      we have given up trying to remember everything and have note sized papers and pencils all over the house to quickly jot down thoughts and reminders.
                      A great christmas stocking stuffer: mini digital voice recorders which are more dignified looking.
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                        I have had short term memory loss for, well I can't remember how long ... I think the pump damaged what was left :biggrin2: ... I take 25 mg a day and really can't say that I have noticed and issue with it at all ...
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                          I took metoprolol until about 4 months ago. It made me very larthagic, and what I would describe as fuzzy headed, in a fog. I was also alot more forgetful. I took only 12 1/2mg daily, but it did effect me. I don't feel as tired, and my memory has improved.

                          Take care


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                            My trouble with short-term memory is really bad and I hate it as I used to have an extreme sharp memory before my surgery before I started taking Toprol and Warfarin. I always relied on my memory and organized multi-tasks...I never needed a reminder nor ever missed an appointment. NOW I write everything down!:frown2: I started taking Fish Oil and adding Flax seeds to my diet and I am seeing an improvement. Not sure if this is just a co-incidence or ??

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                              I have been on bisoprolol for about 5 years from well before my AVR. I never noticed it before but my short term memory loss is worse since the OHS. Probably pump related. My long term memory is also affected in that it sometimes takes me a minute or so to suddenly remember historic events and dates. Most frustrating.

                              We recently went away on holiday and I put away the backup harddrive for my computer in a safe hidden place. I know I did it but now cannot find it again anywhere in the house! Think as I may that particular memory will just not return. I always assumed it was pumphead, but you have me thinking now that it could be the beta blocker..
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