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Snow- I can do it!

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  • Snow- I can do it!

    I just got in from clearing our driveway and front walk and am so excited! We had 5"+ of snow last night and before my surgery(8 i/2 mos. ago) I couldn't have imagined feeling up to it...but I now do! Granted, I did it slowly and did sweeping more than lifting, but the job is done. Got my exercise for the day and don't feel the worse for it. Probably this isn't the right place to post this, but I just am so excited to not be an old lady invalid any more!

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    Good for you - It's nice to hear that. I hope you have lots of fun using your new energy - it's amazing surgery, isn't it?
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      WAHOOOOOO! I was told I couldn't shovel snow anymore after my valve replacement...I flipped out and confronted the cardiologist about it and he said the problem with shoveling snow was that so many people didn't know when to quit and go inside for awhile. Pacing yourself will allow you to shovel away but try not to do the whole thing all at once. Listen to your body! Shoveling snow is one of my favorite forms of excercise, so I was glad I insisted on why the docs thought I couldn't do it.


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        The combination of breathing the cold air and doing the heavy lifting can be the trouble. I have always liked a little shoveling but dont' do much of it anymore.

        We got about 12" of snow last night and I only cleared a little of it. Our plow guy and DH did most of the work.


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          Well done Ruthie, good for you ! I'm a bit jealous of all that snow though, we dont really get any here...
          Enjoy the new energetic you.

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            Originally posted by heartfelt View Post
            WAHOOOOOO! I was told I couldn't shovel snow anymore after my valve replacement... the problem with shoveling snow was that so many people didn't know when to quit
            you're kidding, right? your doctor is giving you advice not based on your
            valve replacement, not based on your condition, not based on your
            limitations? he's giving you advice based on 'many people?'


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              Well done.
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                Awesome, Ruthie!

                Now ... just do me a favor ... keep the snow in your neck of the woods; don't send it up north!

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