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Anyone had some stitches come undone and had to have them redone?

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  • Anyone had some stitches come undone and had to have them redone?

    I've not even really heard of this, but this is whats in store for me on Monday

    I was just about to do an update message / video on how great I was doing too :P

    I went back to hospital today as until a few days ago all the fluid seemed to of gone and I was not feeling anything in my side and I could do the spirometer in full again - last night I couldn't and this morning I felt more pain and couldnt do the full spirometer - I thought the pain was back....

    I emailed the nurse and was in hospital within a couple of hours, they weren't bothered at all about the "fluid" - the x-ray and a scan showed there was NONE, and they said that as long as I was walking a lot - told them I was up to 2 miles a day now - I had nothing to worry about and it would heal...

    They were concerned with an area of my scar below the top - like not the top but below it, which had widened, had been "weeping" and was struggling to re-scab over again - they said that probably one stitch had come undone, and then stretched and broke a few other stitches open too - my surgeon came down and said it needs repairing.

    Theyre going to "operate" on me on Monday, but its a 10 minute operation - under anaesthetic, but not a really deep one - they cut along my scar and open me up again, and then clean the would, remove dead tissue, and sew me back together again.

    Theyve told me there is little risk, theyre not touching organs, or bones, just the skin, and that ill be home later the same day probably... So I'm not too worried, I'm more just fed up and frustrated that just as I am really feeling fit and better I have this which will set my recovery back a week or 2 perhaps...

    Anyone had this procedure and have any thoughts on it?
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    I am sorry you are having this problem. I have not heard of this but I am sure others have. That is a shame you have to go through another surgery, you were doing so well. Will be thinking of you on Monday. Prayers.
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      That is a drag. I don't have any experience with this. I am glad that you are getting it taken care of so you can get back on track to a smooth recovery.
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        Its not even really surgery, its more just a procedure really.... just a quick open and stitch back together
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          I had staples, but the top of my incision would not totally heal.
          My skin was very thin over my sternum bone and it constantly opened up. I was wishing that I had a nice layer of fat to hold it all together, but over time and with a lot of care it was fine.
          I hope that yours will be a simpler healing.
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            Hi Dan, sorry cannot relate to this (yet):p

            Maybe 2nd time round ? but i'm sorry to hear about this

            specially when all is going so good for you.

            Hopefully they can get it fixed up and no further delimas for you

            and you have a speedy healing.

            All the best .....great blogs you've done...good work.

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              Sorry to hear of your complications Dan. :( Hopefully, once you get stitched back up, you'll be done with all the stuff & can get on with things!
              Hang in there my friend ---- this too will pass!
              Best Regards,
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                Hi Dan, Sorry to hear about your restitching. Did they say why it happened? Did you cough to hard or something or did it just happen. Sounds like an easy procedure and then your recovery will be back to normal. Hang in there, and keep up the good work with your recovery.
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                  I sort of know when it happened - I was having neck pain and trouble sleeping so one night I lay on my side about a week ago, it was a mistake as it took me about 10 minutes to turn over and get out of bed in the morning after sleeping like that all night But also the scab on the very top of my chest got rubbed off, and also a little further down one (the big one now) started: A scab came off and was all soft underneath, just a really thin layer of skin, it never properly healed and started oozing and then it slowly started to scab over but got a bit bigger.... and today they say it needs fixing

                  Hopefully it will be quick and not a majoy setback, and theres a chance theyl pull my skin together to make the big scab dissapear leaving a thin line again rather than a big red scar for ages... so maybe its a positive
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                    Sorry to read abut the problem, Dan. Where's my sewing kit?:D

                    Hope you get it fixed up OK.

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                      I had to have this done on my ankle because they though that I had an infection (turns out my body does not like the dissolvable stitches). It wasn't a big deal physically, but like you I was not ready for another surgery so it was tough mentally.
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                        I don't think I'd consider this a surgery, just a quick oil change ! If the stitches have come undone, your body will be trying really hard to knit the skin together again, and that may be sucking some energy out of you that you need for other things. As far as anaesthetic, you will probably only be just under in no more, like when they pulled DH's teeth, he was awake in 5 minutes, and home in about 15. Good thing that they want to do it in hospital though, may be a bit cleaner than having it done in the doctor's office or clinic.

                        Will be thinking of you, best wishes !
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                          The top of my stitches came undone too but it is just a small area and is healing up now. I am really surprised that something like this can still happen. Our surgeries were about the same time and I feel like everything is pretty much healed together but you've given me a wakeup call to slow down. I guess just cause it looks good on the outside it still can be unhealed on the inside. I've been really bad the last couple days with lifting my 23lb. daughter and doing lots of cleaning and just pretty much acting like I didn't have surgery a month ago.

                          Anyways it's good that they are restitching because it will probably make the scar look a lot better when heals and it will heal faster too. i wish they would have restitched the top of mine because the scar is gonna be a lot wider now when it's all done healing.

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                            good luck with your restitching. one of my fears is that my stitches will pop open while trying to do something so i've been trying not to do any activity that strains my chest but it gets hard to remember that until after i feel the hurt in my chest.

                            it sounds like they are going to repatch you better than new so maybe this is a really good thing, despite the short set back.


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                              Originally posted by danb1983 View Post

                              theres a chance theyl pull my skin together to make the big scab dissapear leaving a thin line again rather than a big red scar for ages... so maybe its a positive

                              Say the above loudly to them to hear you, hoping you get your wish.

                              I had stitches coming out of my scar like little tiny soft cactus thorns. I was scared as they started oozing a little, but luckily, they melted on their own and the skin closed.

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