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Small overdose on beta blocker

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  • Small overdose on beta blocker

    Tonight Chris accidentally took double his dose of antenolol (noten 50mg). He usually takes only 25mg each night. We've rang the nurse-on-call line (great 24 hour phone service here in Australia) and they said it should be fine but if there's any symtoms of feeling faint and dizzy, to come into the hospital. Has anyone have any advice/ had any experiences with this?
    I'm just a little worried that because he has taken it so close to bed-time, that he may not notice the symptoms of dizziness etc?
    Thanks, Yolanda
    Chris (patient) and Yolanda (wife)

    35 years old
    Bicuspid Aortic Valve
    Ross Procedure- May '03 Melbourne, Australia
    Mr. Peter.Skillington...Epworth Hospital, Melbourne

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    I agree with the nurse. He should have no problem. And if he does get dizzy he will be in bed and maybe asleep and that's a pretty safe place to be under those conditions:D
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      Most likely won't even be able to tell. I wouldn't worry about it unless he took way more then one too many.


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        I wouldn't worry either, but if you want to plug in a movie and stay up awhile, it might make you feel more at ease. ;). Atenolol gave me vivid dreams. See if his dreams intensified for this one event!!

        I got very tired of trying to keep track of what I took when, so I bought myself one of those small pill boxes available at all of our pharmacies. They are about 5 inches long with 7 snap lids to them. I fill them up (one for morning pills, one for evening pills) once a week, include my vitamins, and leave the little window open once I've taken the dose. I can always tell if I've forgotten or not!

        Glad you checked with the nurse. Always wise to be safe.

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          The reactions to meds are varied.....I take 25mg of Meto in the morning. Post-op when I took 50mg I ended up in the ER being weak, dizzy, wanting to pass out, BP was in the 80's.
          Please buy a 7 day pill box.
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            Extra dreams, perhaps. I took bp med twice one time without ill effects. He might sleep sounder than usual.
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              Thanks for your replies...we really appreciate it.
              All's well. Chris took Marguerite's advice and stayed up and watched his all time favourite movies...'Meet the Parents' & 'Meet the Fockers'. He was laughing so much that I'm sure that sent his heart rate up to counteract the beta blocker!
              He said this morning that he slept like a log...must ask him about his dreams...!
              Thanks again,
              PS. Good advice about the pill box, will get one today.
              Chris (patient) and Yolanda (wife)

              35 years old
              Bicuspid Aortic Valve
              Ross Procedure- May '03 Melbourne, Australia
              Mr. Peter.Skillington...Epworth Hospital, Melbourne