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Normal aortic valve area.

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  • Normal aortic valve area.

    Hi to all
    Can you please let me know what is the normal range for the area of an aortic valve? Is the area of BAV's normally smaller from birth even if stenosis is not present due to the structural abnormality alone? My BAV is 2.2 on latest echo and my Cardio remarked that it had probably been this size for many years.

    Kind Regards Butterfly

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    I 'think' my Cardiologist once told me a normal aortic valve area was in the range of 4 to 5 sq cm. Many Doctors recommend surgery when the area drops to 0.8 sq cm, some even earlier.

    Did you get a copy of your echo report?
    If not, I highly recommend keeping copies of ALL lab and test results for your own personal records. I find it useful to chart the results on a spread sheet to help spot changes / trends.

    'AL Capshaw'


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      Most people are 3cm to 4cm. BAVs probably tend to be on the smaller side, but not necessarily below the normal range. Your aortic aperture is probably not at a level that would interfere with your life in any major way on its own. My perception from those on the site is that regurgitation is much more commonly the initial and continuing troublemaker, and that most cases of stenosis in BAV seem to come on with the formation of cardiolytic apatite (calcification) after the insufficiency has been going on for a while, each exacerbating the other.

      Best wishes,
      Bob H

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        I believe the valve size can vary according to body size; I am 5'2" and 110 lbs, small boned, kind of petite....okay, scrawny.
        My AV measurements were as follows:
        Sept. 2002---1.34
        Nov. 2003---1.57
        Oct. 2004---1.10
        Aug. 2005---0.80 (surgery in Oct.2005)
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