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Bethanys 2nd Angel day

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  • Bethanys 2nd Angel day

    I hope no-one minds me posting but I know a lot of you followed this story with me 2 years ago when Bethany became very ill after a heart surgery, and some of you know the family as well.

    Bethany English was only 4 when she lost her fight against CHD and today marks 2 years since she joined the angels. I have written something on my blog but I'm not great with words so haven't expressed things very well. My friend Dan, her daddy, has written a very touching tribute to her including photos. I know he won't mind me giving you the link to his blog if you would like to see Bethy and what Dan has written for her...

    Sleep well little angel.
    Emma and Chloe
    [SIZE="2"][COLOR="Magenta"]Chloe is my heart child born 31/10/99 with COMPLETE AVSD. 3 OH surgeries. RBBB, mild mitral & and tricuspid leak. Mitral valve replacement - ON-X 25mm. On enalapril & warfarin and doing well! Uses coaguchek.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]'Some people only dream of angels... I've held one in my arms'. (Callum 26/10/07)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    I still keep Dan and his family in my prayers.
    I haven't forgotten.


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      Thanks, Emma. We will all keep Dan and his family in our prayers.


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        Emma, You and Bethany's Family have my prayers..

        I hope and pray that everyone is healing from this great loss and feeling alot better. (((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))) and tons of prayers to you all. Harrybaby:D

        Harold L.

        I may not be able to kneel, but I can certainly bow my head in prayer that God will see me through as I know he will......:D:D



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          emma, when I first found this site a year ago, you had posted about Bethany's 1st angel-anniversary. I followed the link to her web site and was so emotionally overcome while reading her story. I can't even imagine.... Since then I have followed several care pages & caring bridge sites ... it truly is a whole separate world. Being able to follow these stories and these journeys has really opened my eyes and let me appreciate so much of what we take for granted every day. I will keep little Bethany Angel and her family in prayer.
          9 yrs old
          BAV w/mild stenosis
          mild aortic root dilation
          moderate ascending aorta dilation
          MVP w/mild regurg