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Right heart cath through the neck?

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  • Right heart cath through the neck?

    I am 38, have moderate arotic regurg and possible PH, sooo, I am getting a heart cath but they have to go in through my neck. Has anyone had this? This Thursday is the big day and I would just kind of like to know what to expect. :confused:

    Thanks, Cindy in Missouri

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    Sorry, I can't really answer your question as my cath was through the groin. Just wanted to wish you good luck.

    If the experience through the neck is similar to the groin, it wasn't that bad. It felt "weird" but not painful. They gave me a pill under my tongue to calm me (personally, I don't think it least I didn't think I felt any different at the time). I felt the "prick" as they inserted but then really not much of anything. When they inject the dye you get a warm rush....sort of reminded my of my first shot of booze :rolleyes: . The only rough spot was after it was over and they applied pressure to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the bleeding was stubborn and wouldn't stop so they had to increase the pressure to the point that it hurt. The nurse said that was rare....lucky me!
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      Thanks for the reply! I havent been able to find much on it and this makes me nervous. After I get home tomorrow I will tell about it so someone else can have the info if they would like it! :D


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        my son had all of his thru the groin, so can't help you with that, but you could ask about giving you something so you sleep thru the cath
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          My son's last cath was in both groins and neck (his aorta is sewn off due to his heart pump). His first cath was in the neck (no heart pump at that point). I didn't know any different and didn't question it at all.
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            Neck Cath

            Hi Cindy,

            I had to have my cath insterted in my neck (after hours of attempts ~ literally). It was much nicer in my neck than having the nurses "fish" around for good veins. It did not hurt and no bruise at all!

            Good Luck!



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              Thanks Ruth!!


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                Cath through the neck!

                Everything went well, I have a bandaged neck and it feels like he poked through my muscles there (soreness) but the pressures were fine, he told me we can hold off for another year! Thanks for all the replies!
                Cindy-Missouri :D


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                  Glad things went well. I've never had a right heart cath, so I couldn't add any knowledge to your discussion prior. But I'm very glad to read that it went well and the report is allowing you to wait.


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                    Glad to hear it went well. Congrats!
                    02/28/06 Mitral Valve Repair & closure of atrial septal defect - Dr. Tirone David
                    03/24/06 Pericardial Tamponade


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                      So happy it went well for you and especially good to hear you can hold off for a year. I know I was happy for a six month 'reprieve' I just got from my cardio.

                      Thanks for letting us know it went well for you.