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Numbed leg and hand

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  • Numbed leg and hand

    I was diagnosed with Moderate Aortic regurgitation, I feel occasionally feel numbed leg or hand.
    This happens more often while sleeping. If I am sleeping turning to the right then I am sure to have a numbed right hand as the whole body is supported on the right hand. I don?t remember if I ever had a left hand or leg numbed.
    Any idea by the more informed members is it normal to have symptoms like this.

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    I suppose numbness (probably more like tingling?) is possible since AI results in less oxygenation of the blood. Can't say I ever had that symptom though.

    Here's an excerpt from an article

    What're the signs and symptoms of aortic regurgitation?

    In acute regurgitation the heart is unable to keep up with the demand for blood. Fluids often collect in the lungs and other body tissues, making breathing difficult. People with this condition may quickly become very ill and need urgent surgery.
    Chronic regurgitation rarely causes symptoms unless the amount of regurgitation is severe. Over several years, the added workload on the heart causes the left ventricle to enlarge and weaken. This causes shortness of breath with exertion, discomfort when lying flat, and waking up at night very short of breath. Occasionally, there may be chest pain when you exert yourself.

    Aortic regurgitation usually progresses slowly over years. Many people do well despite moderate to severe regurgitation of the aortic valve. Symptoms may not appear until the left heart chamber is quite stressed. Common symptoms include abdominal discomfort; chest pain; excessive sweating; palpitations, or an unusual awareness of the heart beating in the chest; shortness of breath that worsens with exertion or lying down.


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      Hello, SSoul. I just had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced 2 weeks ago today! My valve was diseased with severe aortic stenosis (kind of the opposite thing from AI). For the last 6 months, while sleeping, I would go to sleep feeling the tingling and wake up with my arms asleep and aching. Hadn't thought about this until you just brought it up, but post surgery, those sensations are gone!!

      Another change, though, is that for now, I am sleeping sitting up. I can't say whether those annoying sensations will return when I get back to my side sleeping. Maybe you could try sleeping sitting up abit.

      If you have been told to take an asprin a day by your doctor, you might try taking it at night to help the blood flow somewhat.

      If you find you are having leg cramps while lying down (those, too seem to have vanished for me.......hate to jinx it.......everything still so new) you might ask your internist for some quinine sulfate (NOT quinadine which is something entirely different). Quinine (which I am suggesting) was actually used to treat malaria. It is found in small doses in Tonic Water (the non-alcoholic mixer for the likes of gin and tonic, vodka tonic, etc.) I don't think it would help the numbness, but it couldn't hurt to try.

      Obviously this is all just from personal experience and has no medical backing at all as I never mentioned the numbness to any doctor. The Rx for quinine sulfate did come from a doctor after complaint of leg cramps. I don't think it's any indication of how far along your problem has progressed or anything. I do know that there were a few of us who have experienced the numbness pre-surgery.......we're all just recovering now, so it's hard to know if it's gone, yet.

      Hope this helps!

      AVR 4/18/06, age 52. Bovine tissue. CE Perimount RSR Model 2800. 23 mm.
      AVR 9/1/17, age 63. Bovine tissue. CE Perimount Magna Ease 3300TFX 23mm


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        I had occasional "spells" when my leg would go numb - felt very odd. I've never had it since I had surgery. Should have known something was odd because I didn't have pins-and-needles afterward (like you'd have if you'd sat on your foot too long); it just went away. I didn't have numbness in my arms, tho. I'd be very suspicious that this is valve-related.


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          I have had numbness in my lower legs and forearms and hands recently. I have been looking for any info I could find on this. I have 3+ aortic regurg. After some pretty demanding physical activity I began having this new symptom. I found relief from the numbness in my legs when I relaxed and put them up, but my forearms didn't go away until about 8 hours later. It was really scary and I called my cardiologist. They didn't seem concerned and told me to go to my regular Dr. and then he'd send me to card. if he thought it was my heart. That was last week and with the holiday I still don't know anything...I also had some trouble trying to form words or remember how to spell when typing into the computer when that happened?? My husband wants me to go on to my Cardiologist.. but I'm afraid he'll think I'm overreacting.. don't know if that helps.. but there it is. I hope you find an answer. good luck, Deana


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            Numb leg and hand

            Periodically my hands will go numb while I'm sleeping. Partly it seems to be the position of my hands while I sleep. It isn't every night, just sometimes.



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              Chronic numbness

              I began having spells of numbness in my hands and legs (below the knees) in the spring of 2002. I spent about a year being tested (MRI of the head, many neurological tests) in an effort to find out what was going on. I was very concerned about the onset of M.S., as my cousin had recently been diagnosed with it. None of the tests revealed anything. I still have nearly daily occurances of numbness (most times for a few minutes). However, now that I'm thinking about it, since my OHS 3 weeks ago, I can't remember having had a spell.

              When I was diagnosed with my BAV on March 28th (gosh, just a scant 2 months ago), one of the first questions I asked my cardio was if there was a relationship between my numbness and and the leaking valve/aneurysm. It seemed to me that whenever I increased my activity, my numbness would flare up (running seemed to stimulate numbness in my feet, carrying heavy bags seemed to result in numbness in my hands). He felt they (numbness and my heart issues) were unrelated and that the numbness was probably caused by an issue with my ulnar (sp?) nerve.

              However, I think it's interestng that I haven't noticed an episode of numbness since my surgery 3 weeks ago.

              No real help for you here, just observations that may be relevant to your situation.