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left leg pain while lying this related to BAVD?

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  • left leg pain while lying this related to BAVD?


    I have BAVD, moderate AR, AS, dilated ascending aorta and LVH. For the past two years I have been experiencing pain radiating down my left leg from my hip to my ankle while lying down. The pain is a deep throbbing ache. For the past 6 months this pain has become unbearable. I also noticed that my left leg falls asleep while sitting too long (more than ten minutes on hard chairs like the ones you find in a food court or even a kitchen chair.) At night when I am trying to sleep the pain keeps me awake. In addition to this pain my husband has noticed that my legs get very cold to the touch when I am lying down especially my left leg. My feet are also ice cold. Doesn't matter how many covers I have on me my legs remain cold though out the night. Is this related to BAVD. Does anyone have this problem. I have read that BAV is caused by a connective tissue disorder and that people with BAV also can have other problems like degenerative disc disease. I have had xrays down on my hip and knees, Nothing unusual was seen. Is this a symptom of CHF?
    Should I be expressing my concern to my cardiologist? My GP wants to put me on antidepressants...says it will help with the pain. ???? Does she just think I am whacked out? Just curious if anyone has these same symptoms and have it diagnosed.

    Please help...just want to get good night sleep....

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    That sounds really bothersome. Yes, talk to your cardiologist.

    Does your leg hurt when sitting, too? I had hip bursitis that caused a pain like you describe one time, but pain sitting was included. A cortisone shot took care of it. Are you on beta-blockers? They can cause the cold limbs.

    But you really need a medical opinion. Sounds like you've had a few, but they haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem. Pretty frustrating.

    Best wishes!
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      It might be PAD--peripheral artery disease.
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        By all means, TELL your Cardiologist, ASAP.

        Have you ever had an Echo on your leg to check for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

        Maybe it's time.

        'AL Capshaw'


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          Have you had your back checked? it sounds like nerve pain to me
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            Thanks for the advice. Was kind of hoping it was a common ailment for BAVers but I guess not. Do not have bursitis so it could be back related or PAD. Pretty sure it is not DVT as the pain has been going on for a long time. (not acute) All I know for sure is that it is driving me crazy! I will mention it to the cardiologist the next time I see him.



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              Do you know if they checked to see if you also have an aortic coarctation? It is a defect that can happen along with BAV (a majorority of those with coarc also have a BAV, but not all BAV's have coarc). The aorta is sorta pinched off as it makes the trek to the lower extremeties.

              Mine was found when I went for my second opinion. The new doc was surprised the echo tech didn't look for it when the BAV was discovered.



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                Hi: Tass

                Yeah that was one of the first things they checked for because I had a daughter with a coaortation of the aorta. She passed away at age 6 wks. She also had a BAV and nurmerous other heart problems. I recently had an MRI and it said no coaortation was seen and the illiac vessels were normal. Still don't know what is causing my leg pain but it is definately is driving me crazy. I guess it is back to the drawing board. More tests, more doctors and more stress. Whaaaaaaaaa



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                  Sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I recently started having some leg cramps/heart palps and the doc said to stop taking my Niaspan (to raise good cholesterol). Stopping the Niaspan really helped. Yours may be a combination of things. Hang in there!



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                    I agree with lynlw and think you should get your back checked. It sounds like sciatica which I had a long time ago caused from a herniated disk. I had to have an operation (25 years ago this month), but most people do not need surgery.
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                      I also have pain in my legs. A few months ago it sent me to the ER. They checked for Blood clots everything was ok. My cardiologist was concern and felt like I was retaining a lot of fluid(they want put me on a duratic-whole nother issue) But she prescibed something that has helped some. They are JOBST stockings(knee highs) they are the thick, hard to put on stockings.But I wear them when I'm on my feet alot.
                      I also have the cold hands(fingers) and cold feet(toes). I have Raynand"s syndrome. Along with limited scalderma(connective tissue disorder). The cold fingers & toes is very painful !!! My fingers & toes turn dead white and then my hands & feet turn purple and red.Can last for minutes to hours. Some of the things that help a little is putting under warm water(it hurts though) having my husband rub them, and I always have gloves with me. I feel pretty silly having my gloves on in the summer but I have to if I go into a cold store. They get so cold I can't feel anything to pick stuff up.
                      My pain in the legs started after I had my BAV replaced a year ago yesterday. Nov. 5th 2008. I know what you mean about just wanting to be able to sleep some at night.
                      I hope things get better for you and I would certainly tell your cardiologist about anything that is going on !

                      c terra
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