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Swelling after fall

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  • Swelling after fall

    I fell on rocks a week ago. Several hours later I had a baseball size swelling on my leg. This has happened before so I knew that it meant I was bleeding deep in the leg. I was out of town - called a local doctor - she said to put moist heat on it. I proceeded to do so, but managed to burn my leg. Thereafter I sought medical advice upon returning home, finally seeing my cardiologist yesterday. He sent me to physical therapy for the burn (It's quite painful) and told me to keep the leg up as much as possible. Needless to say, my lower leg and foot are a deep purple. My concern is how badly my leg swells each day. Can anyone give me a heads up on when the swelling will go down for good? (T :confused: he cardiologist did a Doppler to make sure I had no blod clot in the leg).

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    I bruised my shin this summer.

    My PCP ordered an echo and an Ortopedic Doc ordered an X-Ray when it became painful to walk on just to make sure it wasn't fractured or cracked. He also recommended an ACE Bandage, lightly wrapped around my foot and ankle to help reduce the swelling.

    It took several weeks for the swelling to completely disappear.



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      Steve has had swelling several times after falling on his elbow. Took weeks to go down, although he has had it drained in past too. Unfortunately they didn't drain the 'swelling' (haemotoma)after his vasectomy, ouch, it took months to go away!!!! I am sure yours will be much better, although obviously elevate your leg as much as possible too!! Good luck


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        Hi Pat
        I fell on my deck on 7/24 and the blood all pooled in my foot and after two visit to the ER and to three different DR. my Foor is still swelling. And ther were twwo deep holes on the top of my foot the was real deep. It has just finally healed. This all happen because MY INR was 22.8. It was just good thing it was my foot and not my head or I wouldn't be writing this now.My Angel wa working over time that night.
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