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    Has anyone had a (simple, single root) Root Canal while on Coumadin?

    That is my next 'challenge' following my semi-annual Dental Checkup and Cleaning.

    The CRNP gave me some guidelines (June 2000) which state that Coumadin need not be stopped, i.e., treatment is optional depending on the patient and Dentist's (Endodontist's actually) 'comfort level' with handling potential bleeding.

    I anxiously await the advice and experience of this sage group!


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    I had one and did not stop the coumadin. It really wasn't all that bloody. Just make absolutely sure they premedicate with antibiotics. You may want to check with your dentist and see if he's comfortable with it. Mine was fine with it.

    Short of multiple extractions, mine won't take me off for anything.


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      I have had a root canal, a wisdom tooth extracted and a front tooth extracted, all while on Coumadin. I also keep my INR around 3-3.5. I have only experienced slight bleeding with the extractions. I don't believe I had any bleeding with the root canal or the impressions and prep for the crown. I printed off info from Al's site and shared it with my dentist. He was okay with me staying on the Coumadin.
      Good luck! With a qualified dentist, a root canal is a breeze!
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        I can ditto what Ross said.
        The fact that they are going into the tooth itself and not the gums should result in very little bleeding.
        I had no trouble at all and I have had a lot of root canals.
        He did five at one time and that was the first time I ever had a root canal let alone five.
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          No problem. I had and emergency double root canal on a tooth that was waiting for a crown. It was capped with a temporary. Dentist thought he removed all of the decay. Guess he was mistaken.:eek:
          All the best,
          LuvMyBirman :)
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            I would certainly not worry much about a root canal. I have had more than I can count I think six (of course, not since being on warfarin) and never had much bleeding. So the warfarin would not present much of a risk.

            I have had two facial surgeries since taking warfarin one with an additional skin graft and donor site. Both bled and gave me a big black eye, but never stopped warfarin. The pre-op at the surgery center told me to stop both the warfarin and the asprin. Bull, says I and the doc agreed. He did joke about us Coumadineers bleeding out on him and ruining his reputation and statistics. He is a strange plastic surgeon, to say the least, but the best as far as I am concerned.

            My INR was 3.0 during all these recent surgeries on my ugly face and really did not seem to pose much of a problem.

            Just my two cents.


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              Thanks everyone for the fast and informative replies.

              One more question:

              Besides the pre-op medication (my dentist uses 2000 mg of Amoxicillin), were you prescribed continuing anti-biotics after the Root Canal?

              Sorry for all the questions, I just want to cover all the bases. I like to get several opinions which drives the Doc's nuts, but sometimes there is an odd one out such as an unnamed medical professional who advised me to go on Lovenox for the Root Canal. Life is harder on paranoid people! :D



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                Mine didn't prescribe anything for after the procedure. They seem to follow the pre procedure idea. Of course should you develop a fever or signs of infection afterwards, they would expect you to contact your primary physician pronto, who most likely will put you on something.