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(Dried) blood in ear

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  • (Dried) blood in ear

    The cause of bleeding itself was not something of a big concern. I somehow scratched the ear canal wall with a cotton swab. However, it took the whole night of sleep for the bleeding to stop and my ear canal is filled with dried blood. Now that the bleeding has stopped, I am trying to get the dry blood cleaned up. It is obvious that the blood has reached so deep in the ear that I can feel there is something in my ear and I hear echo sound. However, I can not seem to get any more of it out using cotton swab and saline. Shall I go see a doctor for this or if the ear has some self cleaning mechanism that will eventually push the dried blood out, like the ear wax? Anybody had similar experience and mind to share? Thanks.
    AVR, The Ohio State University Hospital, Dr. Robert Michler, Dec. 8, 2004

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    You should probably see a doctor - but if that's not in the cards, I'd go to the drugstore & ask for ear irrigation stuff. The last thing you want to do is reopen the wound with swabs or something similar.

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      I had the same problem. I went to the emergency room, and the doctor gave me some type of liquid medicine to insert in the ear to stop the bleeding.
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        I used to use something called 'sweet oil' when the kids' ears got clogged with wax. You should be able to get it a pharmacy. (I think 'sweet oil' may actually be olive oil, but I'm not sure if I'd want to go around with my ear smelling like salad dressing). The sweet oil seems to soften the wax and stuff in the ear, and the stuff just kind of comes out.

        However, if you're concerned, it doesn't hurt to consult a doctor (or maybe even a pharmacist).


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          Thanks for the advice. But it's too late. I should not have tried cleaning it with saline and cotton swab. I felt it got worse so I went to the urgent care and the nurse said she saw a lot of clotted blood around the drum and some redness. Unfortunately the ENT doctors were not in today so they could not flush the clot for me. The nurse gave me antibiotics for the redness. Just now, the swelling in the ear got so bad that I think the pressure pushed the fluid into my eye bag, which is now swollen like crazy. The other side is fine so I think it's because of the ear.

          Lesson learned. I hope it's not getting any worse without me doing any more stupid things. Waiting to call the ENT docs on Monday.
          AVR, The Ohio State University Hospital, Dr. Robert Michler, Dec. 8, 2004


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            try ear candling....some people swear by this and is less expensive than a doctor if you have no insurance. you can look it up on YouTube if you do not know how to ear candle.
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