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Fall while on coumadin

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  • Fall while on coumadin

    About 19 years ago I fell and broke a vein or artery in my kneecap and it was bleeding into the kneecap. I struggled for a week before going in and they did not let me move and immediately put me in a immobilizer. Well I went and did it again I fell on the garage floor and hit my knee rather hard and have a heck of a bruise and lots of swelling. It is not as big as I thought it would be but wondered if it may be more internal again. My INR prior to falling was 3.8. If it was not a weekend I would just call in. Any thoughts will be appreciated

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    If the swelling and pain is present, you know what you need to do. See the Doc.


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      Ouch - sorry to hear this.

      I would go to the ER if you start to have any numbness or coldness in the knee or below or if there is any pulse disruption in the lower leg. Pain in the leg other than in the knee would also be something I would have checked at the ER.

      Otherwise, I would ice it, keep it elevated and contact your doctor on Monday.

      Just my opinion, tho, as I am not a medical professional - just someone with a lot of experience at being clumsy and on coumadin.;) :D

      Hope it turns out to be just a bad bruise.


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        Did you fall right on your knee cap this time? The knee cap can hide things (as you've learned.) But I've taken a few good falls on concrete (thanks to my rather large dog) and really banged up my knee. Swelled. Turned many lovely shades of blue and purple. I followed the advice Gina just gave you, except for calling the doc because after icing it off and on for 24, I could tell it was't continuing to bleed.

        I think you'll know with icing today if it's the same situation you faced last time.

        Best wishes!