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Any Warfarin and Hydroxycut interaction

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  • Any Warfarin and Hydroxycut interaction

    Wondering if anyone has used the weight loss supplement Hydroxycut, and if there is a warfarin interaction.

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    I would avoid the use of this type of weight loss drug.
    I know they state it is all natural, but you still have extreme rises in your heart rate and BP. Not good.
    This is personal experience, prior to my Ross Procedure.

    Just my $0.02
    Ross Procedure
    Ascending Aortic Aneurysm Repair
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    August 8, 2000
    Currently monitoring existing Aneurysm
    in ascending aorta 5.0 cm
    Dr. Gosta Pettersson M.D., Ph.D.
    Dr. Nicholas Smedira M.D.
    Dr. Richard Grimm D.O.



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      Ditto MSG. Because it's a food supplement and unregulated, you just never know what's in it. And there are lots of herbs that are issues with coumadin.


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        Thanks, good advice.


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          One of the hardest things for warfarin-takers to learn is that advertising does not apply to them.

          The last person I saw in my clinic today is the mother of a pharmacist with a mechanical valve. He had her drinking a can of V-8 daily. I don't think that she is big enough for a large can, so I assume it is a small one. What was her INR? 1.2!!!!! I'll bet that he tells everyone who gets a warfarin prescription filled that they should avoid vegetables!!!!


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            Ditto on staying away from MSG. i think it is just another fad product that will soon pass. eat healthy,stay away from processed foods,sugars and artificial sweetners and you could do just as good if not better.


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              I am always worried about diet preparations because most contain stimulants and other items that can cause problems for folks on anticoagulation and folks with heart concerns. I did a search and found some of the ingriedents in Hydroxycut. I would worry about taking this product. Please see link.


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                If there is a product that is truly new, federal law requires that it be on prescription.

                One of the best ways to make big bundles of money is to claim that you have a new diet product. People rush out and buy lots of it. When it doesn't work nobody ever sues the manufacturer let alone even complains that it didn't work. They just place the blame on themselves. Then they rush out to buy the next newest, greatest thing.

                The only thing that gets slimmer is the person's billfold.