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Lipton Tea and Warfarin?

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  • Lipton Tea and Warfarin?

    Dear friends: I am confused about the ordinary Lipton Tea and Warfarin.
    Some teas have high vit.K content and some low
    I mean the regular 5 o'clock English tea,( not green tea or others in the lists!
    Thanks a lot

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    Evidently the process or turning green tea into brown tea destroys most of the vitamin K. There should be no problem unless you chew the leaves. I have been surprised at how many people like to chew them.


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      Black, brown tea are they processed the same way

      Recently I had a sudden, unexplainable drop in INR level.

      Coincidentally for the first time I started drinking maple flavoured tea. It contains (according to the label) black tea and natural maple flavour and I didn't think black tea contained Vit. K. just the green.

      So now I'm wondering if the black tea is processed more than brown or are they both the same.
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        As I understand it, the only difference between these is that the darker the tea, the more it has been processed.

        I doubt that just drinking tea would make a dramatic drop in the INR. Vitamin K is fat soluble and so very little is extracted into the hot water.